Monday, December 13, 2010

No Title...

I can never come up with clever titles to my posts - so this one really doesn't have one!  :)

I've been busy.  Same ol' song and dance that I write about in each post.  I'm busy.  Blah blah blah.  We all are I'm sure.  But let's see...where did I leave off...what's been going on in my life??

Halloween.  Really?  That's where I left off.  It's a miracle if ANYONE reads this blog anymore, and rightly so. 

But here we go...
We visited the Happiest Place on Earth

We met Santa - and someone wasn't a fan

We met Mickey

Took pictures with Princess Jasmine

Was in awe of Sleeping Beauty

Loved Snow White
 And there are a ton more pictures...but that requires time.  Time to pull them out of the camera (meaning watching the videos and capturing pictures inside the video), load the card into the reader, edit the pics and then upload them to blogger...which honestly...can be a pain in the ass.  So there's a preview of SOME of the things we've done. 

I have more pictures to share and more events to write about - but this will do for now...or at least will have to!  :)  Perhaps I will be less boring next time around!  :)