Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year

So I could spend hours and hours uploading pics of the kids.  I could tell you all about our trip to Disneyland (awesome), Allison turning two (wonderful), Christmas (beautiful), New Years (fun) and today (same ol' same ol').  Not much has changed in the last few months/weeks since I have last blogged...3 months ago.

Emily is still in school 5 days a week and loving it.  She is SO smart and SO adorable - I am so blessed!  In less than a month we will register her for kindergarten.  WHAT!  REALLY????  It's mind blowing.  She can't be growing THAT much can she?  She is loving playing - doing puzzles - reading and just being a typical 4 year old.  She has expressed interest in maybe trying dance class again - so we will see.  Not sure she's ready for that again but doesn't hurt to try!  She's grown so much from 2-4!   

Allison is still Allison.  Getting into everything she shouldn't.  Running crazy.  Energy I wish I could bottle up and sell.  Cuddling like no other.  Soon we will begin the FUN task of potty training!  :)  LOL!  She's so tall now - wearing 3T because she is so tall! 

Perhaps I will get better with pictures and even blogging here on this little blog.  Seems like there is never enough time with two kids...but perhaps I'll try a little harder!  :)