Sunday, January 30, 2011

I think I'm Over It...

I use to LOVE to blog.  In fact, I did it daily.  But now?  Not so much.  Maybe it's because I don't have as much free time to myself anymore?  Since I stopped blogging so much, I have lost a ton of readers and I find myself with hardly anything interesting to say anymore. I keep at it or just give it up?  I like the aspect of having something for the kids to read should anything ever happen to me.  Morbid.  But true.  I also like having things to look back on and remember.  But I don't like the time it seems to take to do it.  Uploading pictures takes forever and with two crazy children in the house...the 1/2 hour of time to do this would be better spent reading, or napping (yes...1/2 hour nap if I can get it is wonderful!), or just "being".  Now...if I could blog from my phone and upload pictures that would make life much easier and I'd blog A LOT more. 

Just thinking out loud. 

I do have a lot of pictures to upload.  Hell - a lot has happened since last year.  Allison turned 1.  Christmas was awesome.  New Years was spent with me sick...but at least the hubby was home.  We've been starting to FINALLY decorate our house after being here for over a year.  I realized after all the Christmas decorations came down that our house is very bare.  So now it's time to decorate.  It's actually been fun coming up with ideas and buying things here and there.  We will paint and do crown molding and get things looking good in here.  It won't happen overnight - but it'll happen and it's exciting. 

Allison STILL isn't walking yet but she can stand on her own.  Honestly, I think she CAN walk - but she's just not confident enough yet.  Before long I'll wish I didn't want her to walk and wish she was back to crawling.  She's already into EVERYTHING...I can only imagine how it will be once she's walking.

Emily is doing great in preschool and is just growing and learning so many things!  It's SO awesome to watch her write or draw or just listen to her imagination. 

Erik and I have been doing well - and having fun with the house projects.  We are getting ready to go up to the snow here soon - and I CAN'T wait!  Time away will be great and much needed! 

So there's my quick update.  I can't promise I'll update again soon.  I can't promise I'll ever get around to adding birthday and Christmas and every day pictures...but I'll EVENTUALLY get to it.  One day!  :)