Saturday, February 19, 2011

The interesting life of a mom

I've learned that being a mom is NOT an easy job. In fact, it's the hardest job I've ever done. I thought working with hot-headed attorneys, or super busy law firms, or competitive paralegals and secretaries was hard. I thought owning a business and having every single thing on MY shoulders was difficult. But really? That was a cakewalk compared to being a mommy.

This week has been exceptionally rough for me. I'm glad it's Saturday because that means the week is over and POOF everything is going to be better, right? RIGHT?? (this is where you humor me and say "OF COURSE!")

This past Thursday we went to Habitot out in Berkeley again. I LOVE that place. It's SO fun for the kids and even for the parents to watch their children explore and take it all in while having a blast. The time there started out great!

Emily and her friend Kaylee practiced with make up for their teen years.

And just had a blast...

(those were the only pics I got).

Allison had a blast in the baby area climbing and crawling through things and practicing walking. All was happy in our little world...

Until the hubby and our friend needed to move the cars out of metered parking. I assured them I'd be fine and I'd see them in a bit. The husband asked me if I was sure because 3 kids by myself is hard. NO problem...I've done it before.

Two minutes after I was left with three girls...Emily experienced her very first text-book tantrum. In public. In front of other moms who some were shooting me the judgmental looks and others giving me the sympathetic ones. She was hitting me, kicking me, screaming "G-D DAMNIT" so the whole world could hear. She was refusing to walk to her time out with me and I couldn't do a whole lot because I was holding Allison while she did all this. I tried grabbing her hand in the middle of all this (several times actually) and she would lay on the floor hitting, kicking, screaming and cussing. Jaws were dropped and one mom chimed in to say "let her play over here". Um lady. That's not the point. But thanks for your unwanted advice.

FINALLY Kaylee's dad, Adam, showed up, I literally just about threw Allison to him, picked up my screaming, kicking, cussing toddler and headed outside for time out. She cried. I didn't at the moment but almost did (and did later). It had already been a difficult week.

But...order was restored, she hugged me, reminding me why my job is so important and so worth every difficult moment. Those big brown watery eyes looking at me telling me she was so so sorry made everything in the world not matter at that moment.

Being a mommy is so hard. I'm tired. I'm exhausted. I'm always wondering how I'm screwing them up and how much therapy they will need. But it's worth it. The good and the bad. The smiles and the tears.

Here's to a good ending to a horrible horrible week. Hoping next week is much much better!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No Business Like Snow Business

Cheesy title. Sue me.

Anyways...last week we made our way up to Tahoe to play in the snow. We had a GREAT time! Both girls loved it. Emily did great walking through it...better than I did! And Allison LOVED being pulled on the sled.

We did sledding at an empty resort. It was crazy how empty it was! Perfect for us though!

We were able to relax...hang out...have fun! Something desperately needed! I of course have more pictures but they are on the video camera and I'm on my phone. I'll upload day! :-)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Every little step counts

So the munchkin has walked once on her own. Well, once without help. She can totally walk but isn't confident enough yet. However, just a bit ago I was doing dishes and looked up to see her walking without begging or pleading or threats. So proud!
And in the time it took me to post this, she's been walking more! Proud mommy moment!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Since I do not have as much time to sit at the computer and blog (kids do that to you...or me at least) I'm trying it with my phone right now as I nurse my sick one year old.

Does this really work like it says?

And she doesn't look all that sick (although this was taken yesterday). We were practicing for the future (it's a time out chair).

And my oldest helped make the cookies for her Valentine party at preschool yesterday...

And they turned out awesome!!

Now let's see if this posts!