Thursday, October 21, 2010

Check Your Ladies...

Today I'm asking, begging, and pleading to all of you out there to check your "ladies".  October, as a lot of you know, is breast cancer awareness month.  Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States (aside from skin cancer).  It only takes a couple minutes (if that) to do self-exams. 

It's important.

Very important.

Today I am holding those dealing with this (those physically dealing with it and those dealing with it emotionally because of a loved one dealing with it) close in thought and prayer.  I ask you do the same.  Take some time to check yourself, and take some time to send up a prayer.  It only takes a moment.

I am especially holding MommaKiss and her BFF super close.  She is losing both of her ladies today.  She is my age.  I'm not old.  You always expect older people to get cancer.  Not someone in their 30s.  I cannot imagine what her friend is going through. My heart is overflowing with emotion for her. My heart breaks for MommaKiss because none of us want to see our BFF go through anything bad - especially this bad.  I don't know her friend but I've been praying and thinking of her since I found out the news.  Today especially.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hold her so very close in thought and prayer.  She needs all the prayers right now.  She needs to feel the love holdin' her up during this time.  She needs to feel the hands of love extended towards her as she goes through this.  Pray for MommaKiss too.  She needs her hand held too.

So please, ALL OF YOU (men included) - take the time to do an exam.  It only takes a few moments.  It's one of the most important things you can do today.

And?  FTC.  FTMFC!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oldie but a Goodie...

I've posted this twice before - but's once again, very fitting...

I AM...

I am thankful. This has not always been an easy walk for me.

I am disappointed. We have missed family gatherings, weddings, dinner engagements, birthday parties, and holidays because of shift schedules and overtime.

I am patient. There have been dinners spent at the firehouse waiting for Daddy to return from a call while the kids get cranky and the food gets cold.

I am nervous. I awake at 3:00 A.M. hearing creaks in the house and don't have the comfort of my husband beside me.

I am tired. The house is full of sick kids and there is no relief in site because Daddy is on a seventy-two-hour shift.

I am jealous. Jealous of all the women whose husbands came home at 5:00 P.M. to have dinner and hold them at the end of their day.

I am worried. I worry that he may not come home one day. This I try to tuck away.

I am content. We have decided to give up my career so I can stay home and raise our children. We no longer have an abundance of money or things. It is the greatest freedom I have ever known.

I am incompetent. There was a time when I considered myself moderately intelligent. I now struggle to remember where I left my car keys, the diaper bag, and, occasionally, the baby.

I am waiting. Knowing the phone may one day ring for me.

I am doubting. Doubting that God hears all my prayers. Doubting I am the kind of wife and mother He needs me to be.

I am trusting. Trusting that my husband will come home again.

I am confident, I am embarrassed, I am lonely, I am surprised, I am overworked, I am underpaid.

I am...The Fireman's Wife.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Today was easy!  No tears.  Well, not from the kid at least.  She did GREAT!  I, however, cried as we drove away.  And cried a lot.  In fact, I cried before we left the house.  The kid didn't know but the husband did.  He thought I was silly but understood. 

We went to breakfast with just the baby.  What a whole different world...a whole QUIET world without the toddler.

I missed her tremendously and the husband and I kept saying "I wonder what she's doing now?"  But it went well.  She did come home in her spare clothes - but that's okay.  It was her first day and she wasn't too sure where the outdoor potty was (from what I'm assuming).

Now this is where we get the biggest parenting fail.  We didn't get many pictures.  The only ones I got were in the bathroom of our house this morning (which is a crappy picture - no pun intended) - and some of her playing with a little boy in class.  Sigh.  We did videotape some before we left so  I am not sure if any of those moments will be picture-worthy.  I will have to take a look and see so I can share! 

But I was happy she did so well.  I'm hoping Wednesday is as smooth!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Almost Time...

I'm a mix of emotions as I write this.  I'm SUPER excited for the events that are about to happen tomorrow...but a big part of me is holding on, screaming, kicking, sad.  My little girl is starting school.  And it's not really SCHOOL school.  Just preschool.  But still.  I'm allowed to be a mommy and be sad my little girl is growing up - and growing up way too fast.  I'm also allowed to cry (away from her) because she has never been away from me for long periods of time.  I'm allowed to have the Momma Bear in me be protective and not want her to be out of my reach.  I'm allowed to miss the little one year old learning to walk.  I'm allowed to just want to run far away with her so she doesn't have to go tomorrow.  But I won't.  I can't.  I wouldn't.

I'm excited to see her venture off into this new phase.  I'm excited for what she is going to learn.  I'm excited she will make new friends.  I'm excited she will grow independently and experience life.  I'm excited for the days she brings me home her little arts and crafts projects.  I'm excited for her.  Just plain excited.

And to celebrate and get ready...we've made today (and a lot of yesterday) about her. 

Last night before bed we spent some time laughing and snorting and taking silly pictures of us. 

Today we got up and had breakfast and left the house.  We went to Walmart to let her pick out new nail polish for her fingers and toes.  She picked a sparkly pink.  She was super excited.

She got new tennis shoes to leave at school in case of an accident.  They were only $10 - deal!

We met up with her BFF to watch airplanes take off and land at the local airport.

Taken from my phone so not the best
We went to lunch at one of the best places where she had grilled cheese...

And because she loved her silly pictures so much last night...we had to take this one:

And we just HAD to have dessert.  A yummy cupcake!  And of course...with a silly picture!

Today is still young and she's napping right now.  We will get the spa treatment with a manicure and pedicure when she wakes up.  She will also get a nice bubble bath before bed.

I don't know how tomorrow will pan out.  I'm sure there will be tears.  If not from her, definitely from me.  I am not a fan of Father Time.  I don't like how fast things are moving.  I want to bottle her up and keep her young forever.  But I can't.  If I am this nervous/sad/excited for preschool - I can't imagine kindergarten, elementary and high school - let alone college!

All I know is I love that little pumpkin-a-poo-poo with every ounce of my being.  I'm so proud of her and so honored I was picked to raise such a beautiful little girl.  I must have done SOMETHING right in my lifetime to be so blessed!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flip Off Friday

Thank you MommaKiss for allowing me to flip things off today! :)  Here we go!

Absolutely LOVE and adore my husband - not his snoring.

I LOVE my kids more than anything - just not the fact they keep me up all night!

LOVE LOVE LOVE my toddler - just NOT her whining

Eff you stress!  I hate how I let things consume me (ie - kid starting preschool which in turn gives me anxiety!)

I wish cancer would get cancer and die.

 I'd also like to flip off blogger for trying to add these damn photos!  What a pain in the ass it was.  For whatever reason it kept messing up!  Now off to make some cookies and drink champagne and make Friday awesome!  :)  If you'd like to flip things off - just head on over to   MommaKiss and have some fun! 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm In Trouble...

I haven't posted in about a month and it's been brought to my attention of how much of a slacker I am!  (Thanks Amanda!)

So...this is what we've been up to and why I have been slacking - and what better day to post than on a Wordless Wednesday (although it's semi-wordless).

We turned three:

Went on vacation:

Been to the park...A.LOT.

Started crawling...


Starting preschool Monday.  Sigh. Hopefully she will do just perfect.  Not so sure I will.