Monday, October 11, 2010


Today was easy!  No tears.  Well, not from the kid at least.  She did GREAT!  I, however, cried as we drove away.  And cried a lot.  In fact, I cried before we left the house.  The kid didn't know but the husband did.  He thought I was silly but understood. 

We went to breakfast with just the baby.  What a whole different world...a whole QUIET world without the toddler.

I missed her tremendously and the husband and I kept saying "I wonder what she's doing now?"  But it went well.  She did come home in her spare clothes - but that's okay.  It was her first day and she wasn't too sure where the outdoor potty was (from what I'm assuming).

Now this is where we get the biggest parenting fail.  We didn't get many pictures.  The only ones I got were in the bathroom of our house this morning (which is a crappy picture - no pun intended) - and some of her playing with a little boy in class.  Sigh.  We did videotape some before we left so  I am not sure if any of those moments will be picture-worthy.  I will have to take a look and see so I can share! 

But I was happy she did so well.  I'm hoping Wednesday is as smooth!

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