Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Newest Addition!

On December 7th at 403 pm - our newest daughter entered the world!

Earlier in the morning I had my usual NST and my pre-op appointment. I just had a feeling I would be giving birth that day but was in denial. Of all days, I didn't shave my legs, didn't take the car seat out of the car for my mom, and even told her I didn't need to borrow her car because I'd be back home in about an hour or so. I was hoping my suspicions weren't right because Erik had just started his 48 hour shift.

I arrived at the hospital - so proud to have Stork parking and hoping that wasn't a sign either. I NEVER get Stork parking (which is parking right up front) and was excited that finally there was a spot open. I waddled inside and upstairs for my NST.

They hooked me up to the monitors and took my blood pressure. It was high. 134/103 high. It did come down quite a bit the second reading - but not enough to not be considered borderline. I told myself to just calm down, that didn't mean I was having a baby. As I was doing the NST I was having contractions through it. I told myself they were just Braxton Hicks and not anything rhythmic and weren't too painful so that wouldn't mean I'd deliver. Then they checked for the amniotic fluid. It was 5. Crap. I pretty much knew then I'd be delivering that day, but just told myself maybe not.

I was ushered over to my pre-op appointment and as I waited in the room I just told myself maybe she'll still let me wait until Friday. She knocked on the door, walked in, sat down and the first words were "so I think we are having a baby today...I am not messing around with the fluid or blood pressure anymore and it's time. She's term and what's 4 days?" She assured me she'd re-arrange her schedule so she could deliver the baby for me and told me to call my husband right there. I started crying. I was scared, I was excited, but I think mostly scared.

I called Erik, he at first thought I was joking, but then was able to find relief and meet me over in Labor and Delivery. As I waited for family to arrive, my contractions were picking up and becomming more painful. They were anywhere from 1-4 minutes apart.

Family arrived and we waited some more. Right before I was to go into surgery, my water also started trickling out. I guess it was the right day after all. Whether I was sent home or whether she told me they were taking the baby, I would have ended up having her the same day.

315 rolled around and it was time to bring me into the OR. I was super scared. I said my goodbyes to family and waddled across the hall. They prepped me for surgery, Erik was brought in, and it began.

I am not going to was totally different this time around. With Emily, I didn't feel a thing. No tugging, no pulling, nothing. This time? I felt it all. Nothing overly painful, but the tugging and pulling and pushing at times were pretty rough. But at 403, she entered the world. She was 8 pounds even, 19.5 inches long and perfect. We named her Allison Mae.

I am obviously home from the hospital now, trying to heal. The healing isn't going as smoothly as it did with Emily but each day it's getting easier. Although my feet are like balloons and I can barely walk on them from all the fluid and I can't wear shoes, and the incision at times stings or pulls and my boobs hurt and I am exhausted. It was worth it. SO worth it!

Emily is having a tough time adjusting but each day she gets better and better. Before long, she will love her little sister just like she loves us (and forgive her mommy for bringing her home). :)

I never thought my heart could grow any bigger - but it has. We are so in love!

First few seconds of life...

First time being dressed...

Proud Daddy...

Baby feet...

All she does at home...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick Update... baby yet! I did have high blood pressures and had to be monitored in L&D for a bit yesterday. I left with blood pressure still a little high but I was able to go home on strict bedrest. So that's where I am.

Last night (or I guess this morning?) I was up at 3 with contractions. Some were two minutes apart for quite a while. They were also pretty painful. I'd have to stop and breathe through them and the kid would say "mommy is breathing!" LOL! Yes hunny...I sure am! They have now gone away - but that took all the way up until 10 this morning. I am exhausted!

Have another test scheduled tomorrow and then my pre-op on Monday. EXCITED we FINALLY got our dresser so the room can be finished! Sad that husband has to do it on his own but that's okay.

As of today...8 days left!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Go Time...

As of today...I have TEN days left before my scheduled c-section. TEN. That's it. I don't feel ready for it yet...and I am DEFINITELY not ready for it as early as tomorrow!

I went in for my usual NST today and was having contractions 5 minutes apart, combined with high blood pressure. The doctor and the high risk expert were a little concerned so sent me for blood work.

The doctor then called me once I got home to inform me that I need to monitor my blood pressure this evening and come in at 9 tomorrow. She told me if my bp is high tomorrow, it looks like our baby may be here as early as tomorrow!

If I am NOT ready for her to arrive in TEN days - how am I going to be ready for her to be her TOMORROW???

So now I am washing my clothes, packing my bag, in the process of trying to rest. OF COURSE husband is on shift, and today is his first day on.

So here's hoping for LOW blood pressure tomorrow and NO baby as of yet. I still want my ten days!