Saturday, August 22, 2009

Six Word Saturday


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Friday, August 21, 2009


Saw this over at Lacey's blog and it just fit my mood today and thought I'd play along...

I am: feeling serene in my life. We are in the new house. We no longer have ties with the old house. Planning munchkin's 2nd birthday. Realizing I will be 35 this year. (Okay maybe not serene about the last part!)

I think: way too much and that can get me in trouble!

I know: that one day very soon I will be a mother to two and that scares the crap outta me.

I have: some amazing people in my life.

I wish: I could say the things I want to say to the people I should say them to. But I won't. Sometimes keeping quiet is better.

I hate: people that lie, people that are selfish, and people that lie. Oh yeah, and people that lie.

I miss: hanging out with friends. It's funny how many friends distance themselves when you are pregnant! They must think I am disabled or dead, but in fact, I am just pregnant! It's lonely. It's hurtful. But I am thankful for those that still come around and don't mind hanging out with the preggo!

I fear: losing someone I love.

I wonder: what the new baby will look like, what we will name her, how she will act. I also wonder if I am cut out to handle two.

I regret: very little.

I love: so deeply.

I am not: always as happy as I appear. I sometimes hurt or feel lonely but just show the world that I am "okay".

I believe: in myself. I believe in those close to me. I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe the truth ALWAYS comes out!

I dance: with my daughter. I dance by myself. I dance when no one is looking.

I sing: all the time to the munchkin. She never tires of hearing my non-singing voice because she always says "again!" :)

I cry: when I feel any emotion strongly. I cry easily.

I fight: crappy. I do not enjoy fighting. I hold grudges. I am happy to say I don't even remember the last time I did fight...Thank God!

I always: think about others before myself. I do this to a fault.

I listen: to my daughter play by herself and my heart melts.

I am happy about: everything happening in my life!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Ours!!

We got the keys to the house yesterday! We were suppose to close a day early but our agent was out of town - but yesterday was just fine for us too!!! SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITING! Being the hormonal person I am these even made me almost cry! Got pretty teary eyed but blinked it away!

Hubby and I spent the night cleaning while the mother-in-law stayed at our old house(can I say old house if we are still living there?) while the munchkin slept. We got a lot done. I was EXHAUSTED way before hubby so I left early, relieved the mother-in-law and pretty much fell asleep before even hitting the pillow!

This morning came WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too early! Hubby didn't even get home until 1am last night so for us to get out of bed to get ready this morning was a huge chore! We had an 8am appointment with the alarm company and since the munchkin slept in late, hubby left and we are here waiting for him.

We have transferred all the utilities to our name except water. I can't believe all the stuff they need to turn on the water. Copy of our deed (which we don't have yet), driver's license, realtor info, first born child. I mean really, why should it be so difficult?

So today holds more cleaning, running errands, all the fun stuff that you want to do, yet don't want to do!

Oh you know what else? I think we are going to have some pretty amazing sunsets each night! Last night we arrived at the very end of it - and I can tell they are going to be GORGEOUS! I can't wait! :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Quick update...

It's been a while. I think I start every blog with that same sentence, or something rather close.

At any rate...we are having another GIRL! We are happy to see the baby is doing well and we are happy to be expecting another daughter! It makes things A LOT easier because this child will pretty much have everything, minus bedding which we will be getting pretty soon!

We get the keys to the new house in TWO days! I can't believe it! I am suppose to be packing right now, but obviously I am blogging instead! We have painting to do, clean up, carpet cleaning, all that kind of stuff before we move in - but I am excited!!!!!

I was able to spend some time this weekend with some friends and with my family that is here from Illinois. It has been SO wonderful seeing them and watching the munchkin enjoy their company as well. I am hoping I will get to see them one more time before they leave and that they will be able to see the new house!

Also, if you were following me on Twitter, my account was hacked and banned and I had to create a new account. I will put a new "follow me on twitter" thing up here in a bit. It sucks because I lost a lot of people I was following and lost the 150+ people following me. I am hoping more people will start following me here soon. I am sure it just takes time.

So that is my QUICK update! I am off to pack some more. Hubby is on shift for the next two days so that leaves me packing by myself while taking care of the munchkin. I go!