Friday, August 21, 2009


Saw this over at Lacey's blog and it just fit my mood today and thought I'd play along...

I am: feeling serene in my life. We are in the new house. We no longer have ties with the old house. Planning munchkin's 2nd birthday. Realizing I will be 35 this year. (Okay maybe not serene about the last part!)

I think: way too much and that can get me in trouble!

I know: that one day very soon I will be a mother to two and that scares the crap outta me.

I have: some amazing people in my life.

I wish: I could say the things I want to say to the people I should say them to. But I won't. Sometimes keeping quiet is better.

I hate: people that lie, people that are selfish, and people that lie. Oh yeah, and people that lie.

I miss: hanging out with friends. It's funny how many friends distance themselves when you are pregnant! They must think I am disabled or dead, but in fact, I am just pregnant! It's lonely. It's hurtful. But I am thankful for those that still come around and don't mind hanging out with the preggo!

I fear: losing someone I love.

I wonder: what the new baby will look like, what we will name her, how she will act. I also wonder if I am cut out to handle two.

I regret: very little.

I love: so deeply.

I am not: always as happy as I appear. I sometimes hurt or feel lonely but just show the world that I am "okay".

I believe: in myself. I believe in those close to me. I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe the truth ALWAYS comes out!

I dance: with my daughter. I dance by myself. I dance when no one is looking.

I sing: all the time to the munchkin. She never tires of hearing my non-singing voice because she always says "again!" :)

I cry: when I feel any emotion strongly. I cry easily.

I fight: crappy. I do not enjoy fighting. I hold grudges. I am happy to say I don't even remember the last time I did fight...Thank God!

I always: think about others before myself. I do this to a fault.

I listen: to my daughter play by herself and my heart melts.

I am happy about: everything happening in my life!


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Brandi said...

Very nice list. :)
I know how you feel about no one wanting to hang out with the Preggo. Of course, I don't want to hang out, really either.
You'll do great with two kids. It's hard at first, but it does get easier. And your daughter will be old enough to be a little help.