Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Ours!!

We got the keys to the house yesterday! We were suppose to close a day early but our agent was out of town - but yesterday was just fine for us too!!! SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITING! Being the hormonal person I am these even made me almost cry! Got pretty teary eyed but blinked it away!

Hubby and I spent the night cleaning while the mother-in-law stayed at our old house(can I say old house if we are still living there?) while the munchkin slept. We got a lot done. I was EXHAUSTED way before hubby so I left early, relieved the mother-in-law and pretty much fell asleep before even hitting the pillow!

This morning came WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too early! Hubby didn't even get home until 1am last night so for us to get out of bed to get ready this morning was a huge chore! We had an 8am appointment with the alarm company and since the munchkin slept in late, hubby left and we are here waiting for him.

We have transferred all the utilities to our name except water. I can't believe all the stuff they need to turn on the water. Copy of our deed (which we don't have yet), driver's license, realtor info, first born child. I mean really, why should it be so difficult?

So today holds more cleaning, running errands, all the fun stuff that you want to do, yet don't want to do!

Oh you know what else? I think we are going to have some pretty amazing sunsets each night! Last night we arrived at the very end of it - and I can tell they are going to be GORGEOUS! I can't wait! :)


Kimmy said...

Oh Denise!! That is fantastic!! I'm so happy for you guys :o) It's such an exciting thing (and exhausting too)!!

BreAnne said...

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures Please! Especially of that sunset!

Oh yeah make them generic unidentifiable pictures we don't want the paparazzi at your house!

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Alison said...

eeeee! i'm SO SO happy for you and your growing family... or should i say, hubby and daughter*S*! let's hope those douchebags - er, burglars - do NOT find you!!

thais. said...

wow, congrats on the new house :)) I found you on mbc and became your follower. come an visit me:

Trina said...