Friday, July 16, 2010

If You're a Slacker And You Know...Clap Your Hands!

CLAP CLAP! I'm a slacker. I don't blog like I once did. At one point I blogged every single day. I also hosted Thankful Tuesday - and spent time updating friends/family on life. Well, now life and kids have gotten in the way lately. I guess that's what happens - especially when you add a new baby to the mix. This stay-at-home-mom stuff is tough - especially with two! I LOVE it - but it occupies more time than it once did!

At any rate...we have been a busy family!

My brother and his family were in town which is always so wonderful! We were able to go to Marine World, have a sleep over and swim. We were also able to go out to breakfast and crawdad fishing on their last day!

This year we were also able to celebrate fireworks together for the first time. Erik and I have never really been able to relax and watch fireworks in the 7 years we have been together. When I was pregnant with Emily we watched them while he was on shift - until he got a call and I was there watching without him. Every year he has to work the 4th - either mandatory OT or he's just been on shift that day. This year we found out the Country Club has fireworks on the 3rd so we BBQ'd and headed up there for the show! It was SUCH a nice day!

This was the only picture we took on the 3rd! I can't believe it!

On the 4th we watched the parade at a friend's house. It was nice to be able to have a perfect SHADED view - especially since it was super hot that day! Emily played with some friends before it started and we all hung out. It was a perfect morning!

That night, Erik went off to work and the girls and I, along with Erik's parents, headed over to Marine World to watch the fireworks. The fireworks were AWESOME and we had the BEST view! Honestly, I've never seen better fireworks! Emily had her earmuffs on to drown out the loud "bang" and she had a BLAST! (Even if it did take us 2.5 hours to drive 5 minutes home (accident at the front gate which closed the exits down)).

In other news...Allison now has four teeth and is clapping her hands! As of this morning she appears to be trying to crawl although has no idea what she's doing. It's just the absolute beginning of her trying to move - and it's hilarious to watch!

Emily is just growing growing growing. She is a super funny kid and is just so amazing! She's been doing GREAT being potty trained and I couldn't be more proud!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Could it be??

Could it possibly be that the baby has outgrown her MSPI? I had cheese yesterday for lunch - no reaction. In fact - she hasn't had any reaction with cheese at all. She also hasn't had a reaction with the milk that has been in a few things I have eaten - nor has she had a reaction with real butter! YAY!

But for dinner - I had chicken cordon bleu. It involved whipping cream. No reaction yet...

PRAYING she's over it...and praying she doesn't have a reaction! Just need to wait it out a few more days. IF there is no reaction - I am going to guess she's over the MSPI! With Emily - I could have never added that stuff in. In fact, she was over it at about 13 months. Allison's case was a lot more mild so hopefully at 7 months she's done!

I'm getting so much closer to eating normally and having a healthy baby!!! It's exciting! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Get 'R Done!

I've been unmotivated long enough to get the things on my to-do list done. So am back at it.

Here is my summer to-do list:

1. Get my ass back to the gym or just work out more to lose this baby weight!
2. Eat healthier
3. Start cooking a lot more and eating HOME COOKED meals
4. Make an effort to spend more time with hubby - no matter how exhausted I am
5. Take the kids to the park and/or outdoors more when DH isn't here
6. Go through my work pile and organize it
7. Make a bigger effort to do the home physical therapy program with my youngest and get her out of PT finally
8. Spend one-on-one time with my oldest
9. Take advantage of ME time
10. Help hubby plan out how to landscape the front and back of the house
11. Send out pictures to family that I've been meaning to do
12. Go through the kids clothes and store away/get rid of the ones that no longer fit
13. Go through my closet and get rid of clothes I will not wear (hello - time to put the maternity clothes away).

I am sure there are A LOT more things I need to get done and I am sure this list will grow but it's a start for now!

What is on YOUR to-do list for the summer???

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am a Forgetful Mother...

I'm sad to title my post that I am a forgetful mother. But I am. I was just reading up on a friend's blog and realized that there are things I forget. Not in the literal sense of "oh I forgot to bring the sippy cup" (although I have been known to do that) - but things I forget in reference to my children.

I sometimes forget my oldest child isn't even three yet. There are moments of frustration and disappointment that I experience. There are moments of anger I feel. There are moments of thinking "why don't you understand what I am saying". It's because I forget. I forget she's only two. I forget that sometimes she will pee or poop in her pants because she is only two and just learned to go in the potty. I forget sometimes that she will not listen and only do what SHE wants to do - because she's only two. I forget that she may not want to do something I was enjoying doing with her and will quickly move onto something else...because she's only two. She isn't doing anything wrong - she is just being her two year old self. I forget sometimes.

I also forget that it's important for me to build her up...all the time. During my moments of frustration, I forget. I shouldn't be so quick to get frustrated with her but to take a deep breath and let her have her temper tantrum and when it's over to talk with her and cuddle with her (if she allows it - she isn't always big on cuddling) and remind her of how amazing she is. She is now sharing her mommy with another sibling and I need to remember how that may make her feel at times. I need to remind her she is the most beautiful person and she lights up every room she walks into. I need to remind her she is amazing for being the person she is and there isn't anything she can't do.

But I forget to do these things sometimes. I feel crappy that I forget. So I need to work on this. She IS amazing. She IS beautiful. She DOES light up every single room she walks into. She makes the room sparkle! My life is even more beautiful because she was born and I couldn't be more honored to be HER mommy. To be the mommy to BOTH of my girls is such an honor. One I am truly blessed to have.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Speaking of Cheese...

I had some yesterday. It was pretty much one of the best experiences of my life. Okay, not really. But it was pretty damn good. Going without milk or soy for over 7 months is rough on this dairyaholic.

Now we wait to see if the little one has a reaction.

Everything is crossed hoping and praying she won't! (Gut reaction tells me she's doing pretty good with the MSPI stuff and is HOPEFULLY over it!)