Friday, July 9, 2010

Get 'R Done!

I've been unmotivated long enough to get the things on my to-do list done. So am back at it.

Here is my summer to-do list:

1. Get my ass back to the gym or just work out more to lose this baby weight!
2. Eat healthier
3. Start cooking a lot more and eating HOME COOKED meals
4. Make an effort to spend more time with hubby - no matter how exhausted I am
5. Take the kids to the park and/or outdoors more when DH isn't here
6. Go through my work pile and organize it
7. Make a bigger effort to do the home physical therapy program with my youngest and get her out of PT finally
8. Spend one-on-one time with my oldest
9. Take advantage of ME time
10. Help hubby plan out how to landscape the front and back of the house
11. Send out pictures to family that I've been meaning to do
12. Go through the kids clothes and store away/get rid of the ones that no longer fit
13. Go through my closet and get rid of clothes I will not wear (hello - time to put the maternity clothes away).

I am sure there are A LOT more things I need to get done and I am sure this list will grow but it's a start for now!

What is on YOUR to-do list for the summer???


Amanda and Mitchell said...

I was thinking about you yesterday!!! We should work out a schedule and we should walk together....or work out together. I get more done when I have somebody pushing me, and I can push you too.

Kimmy said...

Oh boy am I ever with you on #3! If you had read my fb status yesterday. Too much, I tell ya!