Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am a Forgetful Mother...

I'm sad to title my post that I am a forgetful mother. But I am. I was just reading up on a friend's blog and realized that there are things I forget. Not in the literal sense of "oh I forgot to bring the sippy cup" (although I have been known to do that) - but things I forget in reference to my children.

I sometimes forget my oldest child isn't even three yet. There are moments of frustration and disappointment that I experience. There are moments of anger I feel. There are moments of thinking "why don't you understand what I am saying". It's because I forget. I forget she's only two. I forget that sometimes she will pee or poop in her pants because she is only two and just learned to go in the potty. I forget sometimes that she will not listen and only do what SHE wants to do - because she's only two. I forget that she may not want to do something I was enjoying doing with her and will quickly move onto something else...because she's only two. She isn't doing anything wrong - she is just being her two year old self. I forget sometimes.

I also forget that it's important for me to build her up...all the time. During my moments of frustration, I forget. I shouldn't be so quick to get frustrated with her but to take a deep breath and let her have her temper tantrum and when it's over to talk with her and cuddle with her (if she allows it - she isn't always big on cuddling) and remind her of how amazing she is. She is now sharing her mommy with another sibling and I need to remember how that may make her feel at times. I need to remind her she is the most beautiful person and she lights up every room she walks into. I need to remind her she is amazing for being the person she is and there isn't anything she can't do.

But I forget to do these things sometimes. I feel crappy that I forget. So I need to work on this. She IS amazing. She IS beautiful. She DOES light up every single room she walks into. She makes the room sparkle! My life is even more beautiful because she was born and I couldn't be more honored to be HER mommy. To be the mommy to BOTH of my girls is such an honor. One I am truly blessed to have.

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Shelly said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED THIS ARTICLE!!!! We all forget!!! Because we care, that is what makes us good moms. Your little precious ones will grow and see this site you have created to honor them, and that is another way they will know you love them.
I am impressed with your blog. I love the title. Very CREATIVE!!!!