Sunday, July 11, 2010

Could it be??

Could it possibly be that the baby has outgrown her MSPI? I had cheese yesterday for lunch - no reaction. In fact - she hasn't had any reaction with cheese at all. She also hasn't had a reaction with the milk that has been in a few things I have eaten - nor has she had a reaction with real butter! YAY!

But for dinner - I had chicken cordon bleu. It involved whipping cream. No reaction yet...

PRAYING she's over it...and praying she doesn't have a reaction! Just need to wait it out a few more days. IF there is no reaction - I am going to guess she's over the MSPI! With Emily - I could have never added that stuff in. In fact, she was over it at about 13 months. Allison's case was a lot more mild so hopefully at 7 months she's done!

I'm getting so much closer to eating normally and having a healthy baby!!! It's exciting! :)

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Val said...

YAY!!! Fingers crossed for you guys! That would be awesome if you could eat all the cheese in the world!

Guess each kid is going to have their own challenges for you huh? ;)