Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So our appraisal came back! FINALLY! But...somehow...the house appraised for MORE than the asking price. I honestly have NO CLUE how this happened. In one sense, it is GREAT and pretty much guarantees the house to us. But in the other sense, it makes me wonder how a different house, 4 doors down, SAME EXACT floor plan, corner lot, upgraded everything (which ours is not), appraised for $15k less than a month ago?????????????

I mean I totally understand the market has changed. If I wasn't personally in it, I wouldn't believe it at all. But, because we have been in the game for so long, I have personally seen things change in the blink of an eye. Bidding wars are now happening all over. Houses are going for MORE than asking. But I just don't get the whole appraisal of this house compared to the more upgraded one 4 doors down?? The ONLY thing I can think of is that the view from the house we bid on, is a *tad* nicer than the other. But, the other house doesn't have a neighbor on one side where we have neighbors on both.

So I am glad it appraised where it did - but also not happy it appraised where it did. Oh well. Not much we can do. I am TOTALLY stoked it is pretty much ours now though!

On the meh side...I am sicker than sick today. I am almost 17 weeks and am puking up my guts this morning. I don't get it. I know morning sickness can last the whole pregnancy with some people but I thought I was done with mine! I can go weeks without puking and then wake up with it ONCE AGAIN today. Meh.

Oh well...such is life. Sorry for the downer post, it's just my mood right now. Off to go relax...

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The Wife O Riley said...

I hope you start feeling better soon.