Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Angel Amoung Us...

I rarely promote other people's blog unless I think it's for a good cause. I guess I'm selfish. Who knows. But I just don't do it.

BUT...over at Perfect Pen - there is a vlog for you all to see. Kim's Angel's is a new organization created in order to raise money for cancer victims, families with children who suffer from life threatening diseases and families in need.

The owner of the blog has started an AMAZING organization in honor of her mother who passed away from lung cancer. How freakin' awesome is that? It's truly inspiring that this young blogger has decided to dedicate her time and energy to helping others. I am personally touched because I have known so many people that have died from cancer - both family members and friends. Personally, I think cancer can kiss my ass!

But now...it's time for all of us to make a difference! Sure, all of us think about it and at some point in our life as we stand in line at the grocery store. Some of us will donate to causes, walk a marathon, or whatever...but she started up an entire organization just to help those in need. I am truly inspired!

They offer special events throughout the year - from head shaving events to walks to bake sales and all that money is given to the appropriate charity or people that need it. I honestly can say that although I DO give to charity - I don't have the balls to actually start my own organization to do this. It's amazing how such a young person could think so selflessly. It's rare to find that quality in people these days.

So I encourage all of you...every single one of you...to take seven minutes (that's how long her vlog is) and watch her blog, learn about her charity and take the time to really contribute - how little or how big that you can!

You can find all the info by clicking on this link right here. Do something for someone else...it's worth it!

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Young Momma said...

Denise! You've got me in tears! That was beautiful praise, and I appreciate it SO much! You're amazing (((hugs)))