Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How do you do it?

I'm a mom of 2.  One is 3, one is almost a year.  Oh my...really?  Almost a year???  One naps, the other is awake.  The other naps, the other is awake.  They need attention.  The house needs to be cleaned.  I am exhausted.  How do you all fit blogging in?  By the time I nurse and put the little one down, I'm exhausted and ready to veg and not deal with photoshopping pictures, which let's be honest...I don't really's more of a "quick fix" and allow photoshop to do it all on its own.  But still, that seems to take forever.  I guess I just need to find more time.

At any rate...we've been busy lately.  The kid has been going to preschool.  She got sick (yay for preschool :-\).  Baby got sick.  Husband got sick.  Everyone healed.  Halloween came around.  Go go go go go is what it seems like lately.  Does that ever stop???

I absolutely LOVE this time of year so I had a blast celebrating Halloween with the family.  It's my mom's birthday on Halloween so I was blessed to have been able to spend her birthday with her.  She went trick-or-treating with us and we had pizza and cake!  :)  Great night!  Great month!  :)

Ready for pumpkins

Excited to be here

Cuteness overload

Boo from Monster's Inc

Boo and Sulley

Okay let's trick-or-treat already!

The kid drew and carved her own pumpkin!

Fun night!

Proud of the Giants and Mickey Mouse one!  :)



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Amanda, Mitchell & Logan said...

So glad your back to blogging! It does take time, but you just have to make time. As for getting them to nap at the same time, I am not sure I only have one. Keep Allison entertained until it is time for nap then load her up on fruit and breastmilk at the same time Emily is getting ready for nap. I bet that will do it!!! Good Luck!