Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nonsense or Adsense...

So I am sure you fellow bloggers have seen where you can allow ads on your blog and receive "compensation" for clicks. I got suckered into just now when I saw a few other blogs that had it on there.

Anyone doing this and actually receiving money for it? One friend received a check for $32. Wow. I wonder how many clicks that took to get! LOL!

At any rate...just looking for feedback to see if any of you have done this??


Kimmy said...

Well, clearly I'm sure you've seen I don't but have been quite curious as to how much you receive. You'll have to tell me.

Young Momma said...

I did it. I have them on all my blogs. I've been signed up for like three months, and I've only gotten 26 bucks or so. It took 50 clicks. ;) I say it's good fun. Don't ASK for clicks or they will delete your account. Don't expect to get rich though! :)