Friday, April 3, 2009


It's been a while since I have done one of Kimmy's Fabulous Foto Fridays! I have A LOT of pictures to share...hope you don't mind!

LOVE this pic of the munchkin sleeping...

Here she is in her Easter dress. We decided to take her to see that big expensive bunny at the mall. These were before pictures...

Some of them aren't the best quality because on our video camera we can pull pictures out of video that is being taken. The dark pictures are from video.

When we got to the mall, munchkin was a little unsure about the big bunny so we decided, since we paid for a membership we never used, to head over to the portrait study to see if they could just squeeze her in. They were able to and these were the shots we chose:

They don't look the best because they are a picture of a picture - and a picture wrapped in shrink wrap nonetheless. BUT...I didn't want to take them out of the protective covering until we hung them up. You get the point though! I need to either take the pics to work and use that scanner there or use someone else's scanner to scan some of these. I hope to do that here soon!

At any rate...the princess was SO WELL BEHAVED all day long!!! It was amazing how well she did! It took FOREVER it felt like but we were pleased in the outcome. She now has a new found love for merry-go-rounds so before we made our way home, we let her have a whirl!

If you want to be part of the cool kid's club...head on over to Kimmy's and share your pictures! I won't be able to link up since I will be in my class from 8-4 tomorrow but hopefully someone will be kind enough to link me up!!!!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!!!


Kimmy said...

Love the pics!!! Thanks for participating!!! I love to see everyone pictures.

BTW...I'll link you up :o)

Young Momma said...

Very cute pictures!!!!