Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Everything Happens For A Reason...

I have no idea why "life lessons" popped into my brain for this week's topic - but it did. I think some of our hardest times in life can end up being something so rewarding. I know it's been true in my life on many of occasions...and for that...I am thankful...

1. I am thankful for my broken heart. I dated a guy who professed his undying love, wanted to marry me, wanted to spend his future with me. I wanted that too. I was happy. I was ecstatic. And then...I was devastated when he changed his mind. I didn't understand it then. All I know is I became someone that I don't care to associate with anymore. I became VERY unhealthy. I became someone I don't even recognize. BUT...I am SO happy I had that experience because had I not...I would not be the person I am today. I would not be the confident - won't take that type of treatment from ANY man ever again - happy woman that I am today. I would not know myself the way I do now. Plus...had I stayed with him, I would have been divorced by now and would have never met my hubby! So I am TRULY thankful for that "lesson".

2. I am thankful for being lied to. I honestly believe that if you lie...the truth will ALWAYS come out. It may not be today. It may not be tomorrow. It may not be next year. BUT...it WILL eventually...one day...come out. I am thankful for the lies that have come out. It has taught me which people I do not need in my life any longer. It has allowed me to purge unhealthy people, even if at the time it was painful to do, from my life. I am much happier today without the toxicity of those people and without the drama that followed!!!

**okay...this is a hard one this week...I may not get to 10!!!***

3. I am thankful for arguments with my hubby. Okay...I HATE arguing with him. BUT...I must say...without those arguments from the past...Hubby and I would not have grown to where we are at in our relationship now. Relationships are definitely a work in progress and learning to communicate is NOT an easy task. There was a time I could have never imagined us where we are now. I could not imagine things being serene. But...we have overcome the major hurdles and I am thankful we had them so that we could learn and grow together. I couldn't be more thankful that he is in my life.

4. I am thankful for having my entire world turned upside down. Our little munchkin was a surprise. A HUGE surprise. Hubby and I were not married and were not even thinking about children at that time. Hubby and I never had a "woops" moment (sorry for TMI) and just were absolutely SHOCKED when we found out I was pregnant. Literally...the whole world around me felt like it was crashing in. I was so incredibly frightened. I didn't know how the heck I would be a mommy. I am a person that MUST plan everything out. This came out of left field and just hit me like a freight train. But damn am I glad it did! I CANNOT imagine my life without my munchkin. My world is now such a brighter place, a happier place, and a more meaningful place because of HER. I am SO HAPPY it happened the way it did!!! I wouldn't have wanted it to happen any other way!

5. I am thankful for death. It hurts to lose someone you love. I am STILL hurting from losing my grandma. To this day, at any given moment, I can start bawling over something that reminds me of her. (Happened the other night watching Grey's Anatomy). It hurts to see those around you lose people they love as well. BUT...for me...I am reminded to hold those SO close to me that are left here still. I am reminded that I need to be more upfront with my love for people. I need to tell people how much they mean to me more than I do. I need to live my life instead of always being so cautious. I am thankful for that reminder. I hate how I have to be reminded...but I am thankful for it.

**I have now been staring at the number "6" for a good 10 minutes and am not sure what to write next...***

6. I am thankful for unsupportive people. I am in the process of changing my career. It has not been accepted lightly by family and friends. They think I am making a mistake and I should just stay working as a family law paralegal. Yeah...there are days I LOVE being a paralegal. But lately...it's wearing on me. I've been doing it for almost 18 years now and it's time for a change. There is only so much divorce I can handle. So I am switching gears - to a career I never considered before. It's a career people never could see me in and obviously still don't. But with each unsupportive person...with each person that doesn't believe in me...it makes me try harder. It makes me want to prove to them that change is okay - even coming from someone that loathes change. Hard work pays off - ALWAYS. So thank you unsupportive people...you are making me try harder! :)

7. I am thankful for losing friends. In a way. I miss the friends I have lost sometimes. However, each time I miss them, I have to remind myself why they are no longer friends. Each one of them were in my life for a reason - each one, a specific reason. I always try and figure out what that reason was after I cut off a friendship and try and hold onto that so I am not filled with too much hurt or anger or whatever. I always appreciate the lessons I have learned from them - even if it takes a while to get there. I am thankful they have taught me to look for friends that treat me better. I am thankful for the "life lessons" that I have learned.

8. I am thankful for being laid off. I was laid off back in 2003 and that was the defining moment for me to either do my business full time or let that dream of mine go. I chose to jump in with both feet and go for it - even with unsupportive people. I started the business in my house, grew enough to move into an office and saw my profit double every year. I am thankful for that experience. I am thankful for that defining moment in my life - even if it was a VERY hard thing to go through. I am thankful for that opportunity God gave to me - even as that chapter nears its end! :)

***I cannot think of anything else to say. I am thinking not many people will participate this week!***

Okay...I am going to leave it at 8. That's a good number, right? So tell me...what difficult times have you been through that have taught you something?


Minxy Mimi said...

I like the way you look at things and take a negative and make it a positive. Good for you!

Mrs*M said...

I really enjoyed this week's "assignment". It gave me a chance to really reflect on some of the things that have gotten me to where I am today.

Serenity said...

This was a great topic for Thankful Tuesday! I really enjoyed reading your list. It reminded me that there is always something positive in the negative.

Young Momma said...

Wow!!! You sure have found the good in the bad chica!