Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Taking A Break...

I am taking a break from my massive amounts of homework and studying (okay it isn't massive but it sure feels that way)to participate in Way Back Whens-day!

I have never done this before but it seems fun and like a MUCH needed break!

So for my submission....

Date: Somewhere at the end of October, 2005

I had successfully thrown a surprise party for hubby for his birthday. I actually told him about it by mistake one day when his sister was over. He obviously wasn't paying attention because he didn't quite 'get' what I was saying. His sister and I sure did though! It was actually quite hilarious!

We literally spent ALLLLLL day preparing for the party. His friends took him out fishing and he thought he had to be home to meet up with my brother whom he thought was in town visiting.

I think we had about 70+ people and I must admit - it was a damn good party! The BEST one we have ever had! Oh to be young again....

Hubby and I are to the far right of the pic. I have no idea what I dressed up as. Some sort of vampire something or other I think. :) This is a shot from our kitchen!

This fun assignment was brought to us by Cheryl. Head on over there and share your flashback! :)


MommyAmy said...

Thanks for stopping by! Yup, I love this blog design too. I tried to get the matching header too, but I never was able to get it to work. Oh well!

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Denise that looks like an AWESOME party! Smiles and fun all around. :)

Thank you so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday...I hope you will often!

Young Momma said...

lol! You two look so young! (Not that you don't now, but you look like 21 there - is that about right?)

Cute pic lil mini you! I haven't ever been that skinny! LOL

That's great about your hubs not even realizing. That's something my hubs would do. LOL