Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Congratulations on trading cramps and bleeding for morning sickness and unimaginable weight gain

Yeah. This pretty much is how I feel right now. Not only has the morning sickness/barfing returned, but the weight gain? Feels INSANE.

I am ready to be done being pregnant! (I think this is about the time I usually say that!)

That's all.


Alison said...

and you look beauuuuuuutiful!

Val said...

Is it wrong that I laughed? loudly? Sorry - I SO remember that feeling, and it honestly feels like it was just yesterday.

Hang in there - this will pass and you will soon have two beautiful wonderful children to drive you insane.

Love ya!

Kimmy said...

Isn't it funny how here you are wishing you were not dealing with this and I wish I were?! lol Funny how nature does these things to us.

I'm sorry you are feeling yucky right now. It's almost over and before you know it, you'll say it was all worth it. ;O)

Hugs and love ya bunches!