Sunday, November 15, 2009

NOT meant for bed rest

So just a quick update for family and friends...

Went to my usual NST appointment on Friday. They measured the fluid before hooking me up to the machines to test heart rate and contractions. Fluid was down again to a 6. The tech said she'd remeasure after the test to see if we could get it higher.

It wasn't.

So back on bed rest until my appointment on Monday.

We will then re-evaluate to see if I have more fluid and go from there. Sigh.

Hoping for better results tomorrow and getting OFF bed rest. I suck at it! And bed rest with a 2 year old and a husband on shift???? Are they insane? THANK GOD for the help I have had! :)


Young Momma said...

No fun!!! How far along are you?? I'm surprised they didn't induce already. I was at a 5 with my first, and they induced me just a few hours after my ultra sound. And when I got to an 8 with my second, they pumped me with fluids until I went up to about an 11 before they'd let me leave the hospital.

Anyway, feel better!!!

Kimmy said...

Oh boy! I know I would have a hard time with that also. I'm too ansy to sit or lay around. Glad to hear you have the help you need though. Hope things get better for the next appt. *hugs*

Alison said...

nooooooo, not again!!