Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Challenge Day 3

So for this 21 day challenge...today's challenge is something I actually do quite a bit on this blog. The challenge today says:

Today's focus is on the blessings in your life. My mentor mom keeps a blessings journal, and each day she keeps track and writes down all the blessings of her day.
I think it's such an incredible idea, one that can only bring about joy.
So grab a notebook and keep track of each and every blessing that comes your way.
When you're looking for them, you'll be sure to find them

Believe it or not, I use to do this every day...find at least ONE thing that I was grateful for and was a blessing to me. On tough days...the cereal I had in the morning was the only thing I could find. On great days - I'd have a million things (okay not that many - but I'd have a lot!) Some of you may also remember that I did Thankful Tuesday which I have stopped doing since I was REALLY slow in blogging for a while. Maybe I will pick that back up...

Anyways...getting back on track...

So this morning I was already thinking of some before I even saw today's challenge.

I am so blessed to have my sister-in-law in my life. This morning I was thinking how great it will be to get a date night with my husband for our anniversary. Our 3 year anniversary is tomorrow but he's working so we will celebrate on Thursday. Do you know that in almost a year we have not been out together...alone? How insane is that? So I am truly blessed she will be around to do that for us.

I am blessed with a wonderful, adorable, handsome, sexy, funny, dorky, passionate, big hearted, caring, loving, beautiful man as a husband. I am blessed with two amazing daughters that have brought me more joy than I could EVER describe in words...ever. I am blessed with friends who have touched my life in such profound ways...and probably don't even know it!

I am blessed the scale showed a smaller number than it had the previous weigh-in. (I am doing Weight Watchers online and every Tuesday I weigh in).

I am blessed my mom will be available to watch our oldest tomorrow so that I can take Allison to the doctor for an ultrasound on her hips (she was breech and it's standard practice). We aren't allowed to bring other children so I am blessed she is able to do that!

I am blessed with a beautiful home my husband has worked his ass off to provide for us. I am blessed with all the beautiful belongings we have in our home. I am blessed with my family here and my family that has already passed.

I am blessed to just be me. I find myself complaining a lot about lack of sleep or lack of help or two tantrumy kids (can a newborn be tantrumy?) and I need to really focus on the blessings and stop allowing the negative things influence my day. Yeah, I got about 4 hours of sleep last night, had a snoring husband and a baby who didn't sleep through the night like she normally does...but you know what? That's more than a lot of people have. I am so blessed to have a snoring husband. I am blessed to have a baby. I am blessed to be able to wake up and actually get out of bed, healthy enough to take care of a family. I have no right to complain when there are people searching for their one true love and haven't met them yet. I have no right to complain when I am truly blessed to have children - healthy children - that do wake me up when there are couples that try for years and years and are unable to have children. I am blessed to get 4 hours of sleep when a soldier may have been up fighting for MY freedom for and hasn't slept in 72 hours. I am blessed to be able to open my eyes and take in this world, hear my children laugh, to be able walk and talk, and get out of bed each day. There are a lot of people who can't do some of that, or any of that.

And for that...I am truly blessed.

Now tell me...what blessings have you found in your life...not just today...but every day?

And...again...I encourage you to start the challenge. It's okay if you start late...I did. Just click HERE and get to work!

til tomorrow...

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Summer said...

Wow, you are GOOD at finding the blessings woman!

And you're right, we can complain and complain, but when we stop and take a moment....a lot of those things we complain about are things other people are praying for!