Monday, February 15, 2010

Daily Life

Every day is filled with new feats, new adventures, new struggles. Okay, not so new struggles, it's the same struggles - but some days it seems harder than the time before, and sometimes it seems easier.

Going from one child to two is rough. I hate to admit this, but I rarely leave the house with both kids. I think the only time I have left the house alone with both kids was when I was meeting someone somewhere...otherwise I just don't do it. I am not quite ready for it yet. As it is, when we go out, it always seems that both kids melt down at the same time. That's a tough one for me to deal with in public. I feel like all eyes are on me and moms can be SO judgmental of other moms that it usually gets my anxiety going. Plus just listening to both of them at the same time is enough to drive someone insane. But I am learning and I am feeling more confident and am hoping when Erik goes back to work this next shift that I will venture out for a quick trip...alone. Pray for me.

Allison is smiling more and more and I think twice she has giggled. It isn't a full-on giggle but I took it as one. I can't wait to hear them when they are in full-effect! She has been doing good with the MSPI. It's a rough diet for me to follow but it has gotten easier. I even ate dinner out (breakfast is easier) at Red Robin. I was ecstatic that they have an allergy menu so I was able to order a burger and fries and not have any reactions from Allison! It tasted SO GOOD that I was sure they screwed up my order! Alas...they didn't! :)

Emily is growing growing growing too. I am ready to start potty training her full-on. I seriously think it's time. She, on the other hand, doesn't think it is. Sigh. She has gone potty on the toilet a few times but that's about it. I kick myself every day for stopping the potty training right when we were moving. It was a huge mistake. BUT...I know she isn't going to be 12 in diapers...or at least I hope not. So little by little I am hoping she learns and before too long we will be diaper free! Oh the joy! I am hoping before our trip to Disneyland in November that she'll be pretty good without diapers! Fingers crossed.

We got pictures of the kids done the other day and I thought I'd upload a few. The ones we have framed I didn't scan before they were framed so you won't get to see those. They were cutest ones I must say. The one below of both of them made it into a frame but we got extras so I was able to scan it. Sadly, there were no pictures with both of them together where Emily looked at the camera.

Oh how I love those two little munchkins!


Alison said...

absolutely beautiful shots!

BreAnne said...

The pictures are beautiful! I have a suggestion about the potty training. Its an incentive a friend of mine used on her daughter when she didn't want to potty train. Interestingly enough they were going on a trip to Disneyland too. She told her daughter that she couldn't go see Mickey if she was still wearing diapers. It worked and within 3 months she was completely potty trained. Don't know if that will work for you but thought I would share the idea.

The Wife O Riley said...

Beautiful pictures. Disney was a huge motivator for us as well. We told Vivi that there were "NO diapers allowed in Disney" and it worked. Good Luck!