Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Bunch of Nothing..

Today feels like Sunday to me. Rarely do I have a lazy Saturday. Today the sun was shining and it was gorgeous outside. I chose to stay inside - in my pjs. I had a tea party about 4 times today, read a billion and a half books, whipped my boobs out, sang, danced, cuddled, giggled. I got a lot of smiles and coos from the newborn today too. LOVE getting those! I also dealt with almost a full day of tantrums out of our oldest. I guess that's where a lot of the giggling came from. It was almost comical. I even took out the video camera! It will probably be erased but I'd like her to see how she looks when she's acting like that.

We did manage to get outside for a tiny bit in the backyard but that was short lived when the baby started crying inside to be fed.

The hubby is on shift. Today was his first day. He will be home on Monday. It's getting easier when he goes on shift now but I am ALWAYS ready for him to be home when his shift is over. It's MUCH easier with extra help.

As I sit here and look around my house, it's obvious I am a mother of two. Our front room is a mess. There is a train set with the train off the track on its side, followed by the caboose about 5 feet away. There are about 6 books on the floor and a ton of flashcards her aunt bought her. I hate those flashcards. They are bug flashcards and I see an aphid, an ant, a grasshopper and dragonfly staring at me as I type. They are kinda creepy. Well not kinda...they ARE creepy.

There is a tiara, a purse, a tea set (with the cups and pot on the floor but the plates and spoon on our coffee table), a boat and Wonder Pets on our coffee table. There is also a monster truck school bus in the play gym on the floor that our newborn "plays" in. I am definitely a mother of two.

My oldest is sitting next to me playing "Pocket God" on my phone as I blog. The girl is obsessed with that game. She needs a 12-step program.

As I am typing I just happened to catch a glimpse of the time and it is time to get the munchkin fed, bathed and in bed! I LOVE this time of night so I am off to get her down for bed and to give me some rest (until the newborn needs me!).


Kimmy said...

LOL...You crack me up! Whipping your boob out :D I got a good laugh cause you just tossed that in there in the middle of all the regular stuff.

RayeLee said...

Ahh, bed time is definitely the best time of day when you've got a toddler and a newborn. :) The mess never ends, just gets worse as the baby gets older and starts contributing. But it's so worth it!

Sound like you had a fun day. :)

TotallyAngel said...

I love those coos and smiles too! So precious ~ makes all the hard work so much better when you get those big smiles!

parentingBYdummies said...

You're a better woman than me. I used that nasal sucky thing on #3 last night (to prevent another moment as his human tissue) and gagged when the "material" came out. Like literally did the pre-puke-sound-with-watery-eyes gag. I'm fine with lots of stuff (after all I work at the hospital), but sick snot boogs are NOT for me.