Sunday, June 20, 2010

Farting and Snorting when Laughing

Today is Father's Day. I can say I am truly blessed to have wonderful men in my life. My dad, my step-dad and my father-in-law are great men who, despite adversities in their lives - have stepped up to the plate and have loved me for who I am, and more importantly, who I am not. I am truly truly truly grateful for them. I could NEVER express my love for them in words - but it's felt...deeply.

I'm also blessed to have picked the RIGHT husband to father my children. My husband is THE most dedicated father. He LOVES those little girls more than anything. The best part? It shows. Everyone sees it. Most importantly, the girls not only see it, but feel it too!

I love the way he parents our children. His patience is WAY better than mine. He is the most silliest dad and can always make them laugh. He wrestles and tickles and makes them fart and snort when laughing. The way that both of the girls light up when they see him is heartwarming.

It's a blessing to have children with this man. I am blessed. I am happy. I wouldn't want it any other way!

Here are some pics I took of the girls for Father's Day...

As it was pointed out to me on facebook, her bangs look super crooked. They aren't. Trust me. They are just the product of a 2 year old smashing her head in the ground like her sister, running her hands through her hair, rolling around, and having cowlicks...all while trying to take pictures!


Jennifer said...

Hey! I found you on Babycenter in the Dec 09 Birth Club. Your girls are so cute!

Kimmy said...

SUPER CUTE!! It's so wonderful too that you have such wonderful men in your life. It's hard to find sometimes.