Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Coughy Cougherson....

So again, I am home trying to get over whatever this is that has settled into my chest. All I do is cough, even with cough medicine in my system! The cough medicine does help though. My ribs ache from coughing so much and so does my throat. Sigh. I am ever so thankful that Emily allowed me to sleep some today! I woke up feeling SO weak that I wondered how I'd make it through the day. I think she knows mommy doesn't feel too great because she is giving me a lot of hugs and more kisses than normal. It's very cute! :)

I just wish Erik was home to help with Emily - and to baby me! I am a big baby when sick and just want someone to hold me! LOL! It would be nice to have him here - especially since he was gone for so long at work and then the fire. Having him home for 1.5 days isn't enough! But he'll be home on Friday and HOPEFULLY he'll come home to a wife that is completely better!

Got a call from my mom earlier that my grandma has to have another blood transfusion! I have no idea WHY they can't find out the reason she is losing blood. It irritates me. It makes me sad she has to go through this and I hope she'll be back to her normal spunky self after this procedure. They have run 532723095820935820358 tests and can't find where she's losing blood from and I just find that amazing - especially with all the medical advances we have! But alas...I just have to let it be in God's hands and pray that all will work out!

So that is all I have to report today. Still feeling weak and still feeling crappy so I am going to end this now and go lay down on the couch and watch Emily roll around and squeal! :)

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Michael S. Copeland said...

Wow, glad you're feeling somewhat better. I've found the best cough medicine for us is Robitussin DM. Well we get the generic from Walmart so it's called Tussin DM. Works wonders 3 days, GONE!

I don't like what's going on with Mam-Ma either! I can't believe they can't find what's going on. Maybe we should take her to Dr. House!