Monday, May 26, 2008

Homecoming, Spoon Play and the Itsy Bitsy Spider

So I am please to announce that ERIK CAME HOME TODAY! YEA! I know I am thrilled he is home and I know Emily is happy he is home too! I think he's happy to be home as well! :) He's pretty tired so he is napping as I write this - poor guy needs it! He's only home for today and tomorrow and then back to work for another 48 on Wednesday!

When he came home the three of us headed out to the Olive Garden for some ever so yummy lunch/dinner (well lunch/dinner for me - probably just lunch for him). Emily of course played with her spoons and had all of them on the floor by the time we left! Awesome! :)

I got hardly any sleep last night. Emily coughed from about 9 to 11 or so which had me worried. There isn't anything I can do but just make sure she's okay. I actually manged to suction her nose in her sleep. I was SHOCKED she didn't wake up! After she was done coughing I managed to probably fall asleep at 12 only to be woken up by major coughing around 230. I coughed and was miserable all the way until about 6. I think I finally fell asleep at 610 only to wake up a half hour later to Emily talking to herself in her crib! Fun times! So I managed to get up out of bed, BEYOND tired, and make my way into her room for my good morning smile and squeals!

We played a bit this morning before her first nap. I finally decided to get the camera out and shoot some pictures of her kissing herself in the mirror! I think it's the most adoreable thing!

After we played for a bit it was time for her first nap. I was happy because that meant I could finish getting ready to go meet my client. I brought her in her room around 910 and started the usual routine of rocking her to sleep. She was pretty fussy, wanting to look around the room, squeal at the fan, pull my hair, all the meanwhile rubbing her eyes and doing the "I am tired" noises. I finally thought I'd sing to her because that normally makes her calm down and go to sleep. So I started with Twinkle Twinkle...didn't work. Then I thought hmmm...Amazing Grace usually works so I'll sing that. Nope. Okay...let's see...Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow...that ALWAYS works. Nope. Okay...Itsy Bitsy Spider. And there she went. She started calming down immediately. That song was over and I thought okay...what song now? I can't remember what I sang but it wasn't Itsy Bitsy Spider and that was a BIG mistake. So I tried a million other songs and went back to Itsy Bitsy Spider. Again, immediately calmed down. I tried one more time to veer away from the Itsy Bitsy Spider and immediately realized that was the only thing she wanted to hear. I must have sang that song a good 12 times before her eyes closed and she was "out". As soon as I put her in her crib and headed for the door, she opened her eyes and realized I was leaving. Darn it! After she had a break down because mommy was leaving, I scooped her up and sang Itsy Bitsy Spider again. Again, immediately calmed down. I think I sang it 8 times or so before she was out again only to put her in her crib for her to catch me trying to leave. Finally I thought I am only doing this one more time. Scooped her up...sang Itsy Bitsy Spider about 93205820358 times and put her in her crib and she was out! WHEW! I hope she doesn't grow up to like spiders because her mommy sure hates them!

After I got ready Grandma Alma came over to watch her while I went to get gas. (Okay technically I was suppose to meet a client but as I was getting gas the client informed me she needed to cancel). So back home I went to wait for Erik! Emily had fun playing with her Grandma!

That's when Erik came home, we went to the restaurant to play with spoons and then back home for nap time. I tried to nap but all I did was cough and then Emily decided to get up 45 minutes later. I am exhausted beyond belief and can't wait to go to bed early tonight!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day! If you have a few minutes to spare, please say a prayer for all our fallen soldiers who have died protecting our freedom!!

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