Sunday, May 25, 2008

My first entry

So I decided to start this blog so everyone can read the updates with Emily and our family! It beats sending out emails every so often with a ton of pictures that take a while to download! A friend of mine inspired me to do this and others have urged me as well so here we go! I picked the title "laughing with spoons" because as I sat here - staring at the screen with a blank expression wondering WHAT the heck to call this blog...this picture came up: And that's where "laughing with spoons" came to mind. Well actually, playing with spoons was what I wanted to call it but it was taken so I changed playing to laughing because technically they go hand in hand with her (no pun intended).

So most of you have wondered how Erik is doing down at the wildfires in Santa Cruz so I will start with that first. He is doing well. First night there he slept and then hit the fire the next morning. He was on shift for 24 hours with probably 3 hours of sleep and then off yesterday for 24 hours. He had an ABC7 news crew follow him and his partner around and low and behold...they even made it on the news!'s hard to tell it's him because the clip lasted a whoppin' 3-5 seconds, but since I was able to pause the DVR (he asked me to record it so he could watch it) I was able to make out the "Napa City Search and Rescue" on the back of his gear. Cute! He is famous...well...sorta. But since it was such a QUICK clip...I doubt anyone will recognize him and he won't have to buy ice cream for everyone! Today (Sunday the 25th) he is doing "staging". That means, as he puts it, they are "hanging out waiting for a call just like at the station, minus the tv, recliners and beds!". He said they were pretty close to the fire but will just hang out until needed. No clue when he'll be home but I am guessing by Tuesday. Here are some pictures from the fire (taken off the website): Other than that, Emily and I are doing well. We are not battling any fires - but we are battling a nice cough and runny nose. I thought Emily was just teething at first but I have now caught it. I know I am not teething so it must be a cold?? Fun times! We are both doing better than yesterday but I sure wish I could nap all day long! :)

Emily has a new pool that she was lucky enough to "swim" in when the weather was outrageously hot! She absolutely LOVES IT!!!!!!! I have never seen her have more fun! Here is some video of her that I took to send to Erik while he was at work!

At any rate, this will be a place to come and see what is going on in our lives - especially Emily's! She has grown so much and is already almost NINE MONTHS OLD!!!!!!!! Time just FLIES by! I can't believe it! Before I know it - she'll be one!

I will try and update this blog every day, but if I can't, then AT LEAST once a week! I have no idea how you "subscribe" to this blog (obviously I am new) but there should be an option if any of you want to!

Thanks for reading and we'll be "talking" to ya soon! :)


Michael S. Copeland said...

Awesome! Blogs are cool. I'm going to have Brandon be a guest blogger on mine. He had a poem of his accepted to be in a poetry book!

too bad we can't leave a video message back!?

Can you add plugins to this site, like Seesmic?

mbo said...

Great start!
Have fun in Blogland:)


LauraLee said...

My party girl is growing up to be
such a great mom and wifey. I
absolutely love this idea. I may have to borrow your idea.

talk to you soon, love ya lots!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog!! Great Idea! :)

MuchBetta42 said...

I love you guys but I am RARRRR on how this thing works. So here I go for the 98498598435 times. I wanna leave a comment so here I go again and Denise I hope u are feeling better.