Tuesday, June 2, 2009

YAY! Thankfulness!

To participate, see the post below!

I am so thankful for so many things this morning!!!

1. First and foremost...I dedicate this background on my blog to our little munchkin. Wanna know why?? Yesterday she pooped on the toilet for the very first time!!!!!!!!!! :) I never thought I'd get so excited over poop until our 20-month old did it on the toilet for the first time! But needless to say...we were SO thankful she did it and we even went out for ice cream to celebrate! YAY!

2. I am also SO VERY THANKFUL that my grade in biology remained an A!!!! I thought after my final (I got a B on the written but a D on the practical...I SUCK at practicals...I need to learn a trick to doing better on them) that I was off on keeping my A by only .4. BUT I kept it and I just about cried in the middle of the ice cream parlor when I learned that! :) I worked SO HARD in that class. It was a VERY difficult class and I am SO happy and SO thankful I kept my A! I still don't know my chemistry grade but I believe it's a B.

3. I am thankful that my time is not so busy lately. Well, busy in the sense that we have been doing things ever since I got out of school - but they are fun and leisurely things - not bogged down with school work things! :)

4. I am thankful this past Sunday that the munchkin was able to take her very first *real* train ride! It was only an hour trip but it was fun!

5. I am thankful that the morning sickness is somewhat subsiding. I still have it. In fact, this morning I do. But it's not an everyday thing anymore. It's also not *usually* an all-day thing anymore either. Some days it still is, but it is easing up! YAY!

6. I am thankful I am almost out of the first trimester. This coming up Saturday I will be at the 12 week mark! Some say that's the end of the first trimester, some say it's when you hit 13 weeks. I will go with the 12 week mark so I can start feeling better! LMAO!

7. I am thankful that I was able to spend time with my friend yesterday. We have both been so busy and haven't been able to spend much time together lately. BUT with school out for me, and school ALMOST out for her...we will hopefully get to hang out more!

8. I am also thankful that the hubby took both the munchkin and K on a bike ride to let my friend and I catch up some! We all met up at the park a little later, but it was nice to be able to talk with just us and no screaming kids! :)

9. I am thankful that the cold I ended up catching is starting to get better. I can breathe with my mouth closed certain times of the day now! I am assuming I caught this because of all the stress I was under and once I was able to relax...all those dirty ugly germs were able to do what they do best.

10. Lastly, but never least...I am thankful the new bean is healthy thus far! We have had the initial blood tests and the glucose screening and both came back okay. I have more blood work next week, more the week after and also an ultrasound coming up to measure for Downs. It's amazing how much more they do when you will turn 35 during your pregnancy. I am in the "high risk" category because of my age! But I don't mind all the tests. The more they can tell that everything is okay - the better I think! :)

So now it's your turn...what makes you thankful today?


wedogmomma said...

So good to hear all is well with the pregnancy! And yay for potty training! That is when Natalia learned too :D
the tiny undies are SO fun!
And I feel you on the cold...with each of my kids my 'sinuses' acted up...so I always felt like I had a cold....no morning sickness, but the Dr. told me that pregos sometimes produce extra 'fluids' like mucus...um, TMI...sorry ;)
Happy no-school summer!

The Wife O Riley said...

Congrats on your grades. It doesn't matter by how much you got an A, just that you got it.

I have always believed that 12 weeks is the mark to the second trimester. Hopefully, that means bye-bye morning sickness.

{Katie Lane} said...

This is a lovely post.

Qui_Mon_Jin said...

I really like this post. Alot of people now a days don't ever stop and think about everything that they should be thankful for.