Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Thoughts...

Today I feel...a tad disappointed in someone

Tomorrow I am looking forward to...another new day! :)

Yesterday I...looked for baby furniture and we came up empty.

Right now I really want to...tell someone how I feel but have learned to just take a step back.

Five minutes from now...I will be hopping in the shower.

My favorite thing of today so far is....that the kid wanted me to read her "Hands Are Not For Hitting" about 92358230582305832508 times. I hope it sinks in!

Recently I...found out the last of my extended family was moving out of state. I will miss him and it makes me sad since him and I are so close.

I would change...the behavior of someone if I actually could.

I often wonder...what the new baby will look like and how she will act.

I am thankful for...the people in my life.

I am sad for...the fact my family has really dwindled down. :(

I am excited for...fall to hurry up and get here! :)

I am happy for...a friend of mine whose surgery was a success! And I am happy for her funny texts and tweets! :)

I am thinking

I can't wait to...take our trip to Oregon! :)

I wonder why...the kid is STILL awake and not napping!

I love it when...I am with those I love! I think it's the best feeling in the world!

I don't like it when...I am pregnant and it's 3209850325803258 degrees outside! :)

Right now...I am signing off to shower and get movin' so I can hang out and run errands with a friend and then hopefully play some wii! :)

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MommaKiss said...

Ha-Loooo. Was it me sending funny texts and tweets? not me, no way no how :p

I seriously have no rec'lection of some of them. Idiot.