Saturday, March 6, 2010

Catching Up

Still doing The Challenge. Haven't done so good with some things but have done good with others!

So I left off on Day 10 and it's time to pick it back up.

Day 11: today's challenge: Are you ready for this? NO COMPUTER IN THE MORNING HOURS! I know, I know. {unless of course you are at work...} But only for work purposes. Get off the dang computer and DO SOMETHING. Hey, it could be worse. It could be 21 days!

This was easy. The morning hours were occupied by taking a trip out to San Francisco with the family to the Academy of Sciences. :) YAY for this task falling on a day that literally took me away from the house! :)

Day 12: today's challenge: We all make mistakes. We all need another chance. Today you get that opportunity in regards to these challenges.
It's Do Over Day. Pick one of the previous challenges that maybe you weren't ever so successful at....And try for it again. Practice makes perfect.

Those Peanut Butter Oreos derive from Satan. They are pure evil. They are so hard to stay away from and I caved. On Day 11. YAY for Day 12 coming along and reminding me I can have a do-over! YAY! :)

Day 13: todays challenge: Ahhhh, Friday. Time to unwind and relax. I am ordering you to do just that today. Your challenge is to find a way to relax and DO IT!

Seriously...this is almost getting too easy! I had things I had to do in the morning (like take the baby to the doctor). But I did relax after that because I had no choice. I have a nice case of mastitis - AGAIN - and with a 102 fever - I had no choice BUT to relax! So relax is what I did - in the afternoon and evening! :)

Day 14: todays challenge: Today might be a real challenge for you, because it's uncomfortable. I want you to do something that you wouldn't normally do alone. Go for a walk without your ipod. Go see a movie. Get some lunch at a coffee shop and bring a book. I think it's important to be comfortable being out and about with just ourselves. So give it a shot, see what happens.

Again...easy. Hubby got mandatoried overtime today. I was going to lay around the house with my fever and sore boob and just watch 2 kids. Some moms I know and their kids were all meeting up and I wasn't going to go. For one, I feel like crap. Boob infections aren't fun. In fact they downright suck - this time especially. Plus it's SO hard with me to take BOTH kids out by myself sometimes - especially when feeling like crap. I usually have Erik or my mom or Sister-in-Law or someone to help because it's hard to nurse with Emily not understanding that for 20+ minutes she has to stick right next to me and behave. A toddler sitting still for 20+ minutes doesn't work.

The other issue - it's uncomfortable to meet people I haven't met before. Well...okay. I have sorta met these moms before - but sorta not. They were my online mommy friends. For 2+ years we have been friends online and today those of us that live relatively close all met up. It was AWESOME! I had SUCH a great time! Emily did too! Allison slept but I guess she was happy! Emily came home soaking wet with a huge red smeared heart on her face talking about her new friends. I came home with a lower fever and a huge smile on my face thinking about my "new" friends. It was awesome - it was great - and something I probably would have said no to - even without the boob infection! I am glad I did it!

So now let's see what tomorrow's challenge brings! :)

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