Monday, March 15, 2010

No More Cooties!

Whomever sent the cooties over to attack my are on my shit list. Poor sweet baby has had this cold for the past 5 days now complete with vomit, snot (and LOTS of it), a cough that has turned worse, fever (that's gone now), and snot. Oh - did I mention...snot?

She went to the doctor today and was tested for RSV. We should have the results tomorrow. RSV is pretty serious in infants her age so I am hoping it comes back negative.

Despite being pukey and snotty and having this horrible cough - she is still smiling and "talking" a lot. Lord knows that when I am sick I don't think I crack a smile at all until it's gone.

Speaking of gone...hubby is. He's been gone since Saturday and won't be back until next week. Of all weeks to be gone - it's when someone in the house is sick.

Oh...speaking of sick...I am about to be. Yes - that nagging-you-are-about-to-get-sick-and-no-amount-of-Emergen-C-Echinecea-Prenatals-handwashing-and-everything-else-you-want-to-do-is-going-to-work is creeping up on me. Again...while hubby is gone.

The munchkin is doing good - minus some diarrhea (it's not really TMI - so don't crinkle your nose - everyone has it from time to time) yesterday which is cleared up now.

And if you haven't had enough crinkling of your nose and thinking I am providing too much is a picture of the baby. Covered in puke. Believe it or not - I had a huge burp rag covering her when she did this...three a row.
The lighting is poor because when she feeds at her ungodly hour - only a small light is turned on in the room.

So that's what I have been up to lately...and with the way I feel...what I will be up to the next week or more.

This is my new sign I am promoting:

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