Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Flip-Offs

Back again for another Flip-Off Friday thanks to the beautiful Momma Kiss. I love Flip-Off Friday! :)

1. First and foremost...I have a BIG eff-you to the two people arrested for looting from those poor poor families that fell victim to the San Bruno Fire. You make me absolutely sick. 53 homes destroyed, 120 damaged, 4 confirmed dead (although there will be more), and so many hurt. How dare you go and loot from these poor innocent victims. You make me sick.

2. Flippin' off whining. Honestly, listening to the toddler whine whine whine this morning is about to drive me over the edge. She will be fine in about a half hour - after she's done eating - but the time leading up to her stopping is about to make me pull my hair out!

3. And...flippin' off teeth! You little tiny baby teeth buggin' my youngest daughter can eff off. Not only does she scream in pain and chew on everything...she's chewing on ME! I have teeth marks on my left shoulder. I was also quite sure she amputated my nipple this morning when feeding her. It's still there...amazingly. But you little teeth...grow in already and leave her (and me!) alone!

And that's all for today...or at least for the moment!

Got things you want to flip off? Head on over and pay a visit to Momma Kiss and play along!


MommaKiss said...

The fire. Its soooo sad. God. Looters should be shot. Thx for linking up. Feels good huh?

Aimee said...

ya know what i'll never understand the looting thing.. in other words, all the guys without balls enough to rob a place under regular circumstances do it now... ugh...
loved your list!!

Christine said...

I had no idea there were looters! That's such a low thing to do. What jerks!

Brandi. said...

Hope the baby's teeth come through soon! I know my little one is going through the same thing. It took forever for him to get his first two and now the top ones are taking forever! It's very frustrating.