Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Flip-Offs

I know this blog is usually pretty PC but the real me in real life isn't always so. Today I need this Friday Flip-Off and since the wonderfully beautiful Momma Kiss is hosting - I can't just let it I have a lot of things to flip off...

The first being party planning. Yeah. Party planning. Both mine and the toddler's birthday is this Sunday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE party planning. I like live for this shit stuff.  But...when it comes down to the wire, the hubby has to go to work to provide for us and I have a fussy toddler and clingy baby.  Today I loathe party planning. Can't I just sleep in? No. I have to clean and do some things here and there, oh yeah, and clean. Tomorrow I have to bake and bake and bake.  But today, I clean.  Have you tried getting a house clean with two kids that need your attention...24/7 after not sleeping much?

That's the other thing. Sleep. Sleep, I love you. BUT a big flip off to you for not coming back after I had to feed the baby at 4. Why did you just leave and leave me wide awake? Don't you realize I need you?

Now for those that don't want to read TMI stuff...just skip this flip off... But probably the BIGGEST eff you to my period. Yup...EFF YOU! Post partum periods can kiss my big white ass butt. I had no issues with my oldest daughter but this time around??? Hell no. They seem to last 2 to 2.5 weeks (or more) and then it comes back yesterday? Yeah...once again...EFF YOU. A few days in between periods is completely unacceptable. Happy birthday to me! And yes, I just blogged about my period. crappy as this post sounds...I am actually in a GREAT mood today!  I'm excited about the party (just not the prep) and I've got my caffeine high going.  BUT...I might as well flip off the crash from my high now because I'll probably be too tired to later!  :)

Now head on over to Mommakiss and play along! :)


MommaKiss said...

Seriously with you on the sleep. Its a hot commodity, get it when you can. My lil man turns 3 on Sunday as well. Have a supah party!!
(Thx for linkin up!!)

Serenity said...

I can feel you on the kids thing... that part seems to never end only change because then you can get them to help more...
As for the sleep I think kids getting up early and not being able to go back to sleep is going around, we have had a lot of that here too so big hugs
And lastly with the TMI thing, if that is not normal for you I would suggest a trip to your gyno is in order, a number of things can cause a woman to experience menorrhagia.. it can be stress, hormone imbalance, lack of progesterone, etc... seeing your gyno might help you pin-point why you are going through that and help you get it under control.
You seem to have a full plate and big hugs

Denise said...

Ah thanks! :) I did talk to the obgyn - it's just because my body is still trying to adjust to having the baby. She said it could be haywire for up to 6 periods. Joy!