Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My house is infested with germs.  I'm about to sport this new outfit in hopes of getting out alive:

It seems like every time I turn around someone is sick.  I'm praying it doesn't hit me this time.

Poor Emily is miserable!  Fever, cough, snot.  Miserable.  Allison is experiencing hives off and on for whatever reason.  The doctor thinks she has what Emily does but the symptoms present themelves differently.  Why yes they do. 

At any rate sick kids = tired mommy. 

Hoping this sick little girl heals soon...it breaks my heart to see her like this!


John said...

Awww - I absolutely hate it when the kids are sick (I like to say that it's especially bad for me right now because mine can't tell me what's wrong, but I'm sure that, once they can tell me what's wrong, they'd be quite vocal & incessant, letting me know what's wrong).

I really, really hope mommy gets some rest and has developed magical germ filters.

Logan said...

Oh no!!! Did we hang out and we don't remember? Let me know if you need anything.