Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things My Momma Didn't Teach Me

My mom has taught me many things in my life. Some I've listened to. Some I haven't. Most I should have.

But there are things she didn't teach me that I wish she could have.

I wish she could tell me how she stayed so calm when I would dilly-dally and we were already 10 minutes late leaving. How did she not show her frustrations when I just didn't listen or just wanted to do my own thing at the moment.

I wish she could give me her secret of taking care of two little ones who get into everything and make the house look like a tornado has run through it...repeatedly.

I wish she could give me the recipe on mending a broken heart when you've yelled at your child unnecessarily and there are lots of tears...of your own. Tears of guilt, tears of disappointment in yourself, tears of being a huge failure.

I wish my mom could have explained to me exactly how to raise children. Why didn't she give me her manual?

I wish my mom would have taught me how hard this whole wife and mother thing is. She made it look so easy. She still makes it look so easy.

Through all her trials and tribulations, she's always stood tall even if she probably felt like crumbling to the floor and dying. She's laughed and smiled and has been so lighthearted through the most stressful situations. She's outgoing. She's fun. She's beautiful...inside and out.

She's taught me so much. In those instances where I'm stressed and wanting to just run away from life...I think of her and and remember how I've seen her handle the hardest of times with what appeared to be a gentle ease.

She's taught me to always have on clean underwear, to keep gas in the car and that sometimes in life we have to do things we don't want to. But why didn't she share her manual or even give me her manual on child-rearing. She must have had one, right?

All I know is I'm honored and I'm blessed she is my mom. I can only hope to be even half as good a mother as she has been to me.

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Anonymous said...

Your mom sounds great! I hear ya, you made me tear up a bit. I hate those moments where I've lost my temper unnecessarily......Oh the tears, from both of us.

waytenmom said...

That was so sweet and thoughtful and honorrific for your mom!! I usually let "pick" my Mama Kat's prompt and that's the one I got, but I ended up going a different direction. It seemed complicated to talk about my mom, who IS wonderful but I would have felt compelled to talk about the things I have learned NOT to do, if that makes any sense. Blessings to you and your mom!!!!

Anonymous said...

That was really sweet! Sounds like your mom is awesome. I'm visiting from Mama Kat's and writing along with the prompt too, but I too a little less serious and more humorous approach. So fun to read all the different things people write from the same prompt. Love it!

Jenna said...

what a sweet tribute to her! glad to have stopped by on the mamakat linkup!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Sounds like she may have taught you those things by example.

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