Monday, February 16, 2009


Just got back from a weekend getaway and am POOPED. There will not be a Thankful Tuesday tomorrow because of it! I know, I am fired.

Our 3 hour trip took us 7 hours to get home! Plus after we got home...well...I will save that for another blog here soon.

Also, I MAY be setting this blog to private for a bit. IF I do, I will let you know and if you still care to read up on my boring life, you may need to share your email with me! I will let you know if I decide to go that route...I am just undecided at the moment and figure I should sleep on it until I know for sure if I want to do that. Like I said...that will all be another blog here soon!

So...please forgive me for not having a Thankful Tuesday tomorrow! I hope you will join me next week instead!


Young Momma said...

You are SO fired!!!!! lol I'm glad you had fun at least?

I'm all for knowing why you wanna go private. I think I have an idea though!! I so wanna read up on your on goings still though! :)

I have an idea of another way to do it if you don't wanna go private... let me know :)

Kristen said...

Sorry to hear your trip took longer than expected!
I love to read about your life (not boring)

Have a good week!

Mandie, Daniel and Dawson said...

sometimes even when we're thankful, we're too tired to type it out ;) Take a break!!
( also I was thinking, how can she be fired, she owns the company)

Minxy Mimi said...

I am sorry the trip took so long. I hope all is well. You know I wanna be here if you do go private.

The Wife O Riley said...

If I fire you, that means I paid you at one point. So, you're not fired.

Seriously, I hope everything is OK.

Kimmy said...

I haO IDEA how the heck I missed this post. It's Wed. and just now saw it. I was wondering what happened to Thankful Tuesday. :o)

Well, you know I'll be a follower still. Hope everything is ok, in terms of the private thing.