Thursday, February 19, 2009

Probably Not.

As you read in my last post, I was considering going private. There is one reason in particular as to why I was thinking about it...

This past weekend we went away to Tahoe. It was BEAUTIFUL! I had SO MUCH fun and couldn't have asked for a better weekend! I will be posting pictures and talking about all that soon enough!

On the way home it took us SEVEN HOURS to reach our house. It is normally a three hour trip. There was a ton of snow and a ton of people which caused it to be a longggg trip. For those of you who don't live in California and are blessed to live where there is actual snow, you probably never experience the madness known as chain control. Since us Californians don't really drive in snow that much, they have check points to make sure you are either in 4wd or have your chains on. These chain controls cause A LOT of congestion and with in-experienced drivers, you also get a lot of accidents.

Here is what it looked like on the way up (which this section was probably only 15 minutes of congestion)

And the way back...(this was MANY MANY hours of congestion)

So on our final stretch of freeway home, both Erik and I agreed we were completely exhausted and would unpack everything the following day. We normally unpack everything right when we get home, but we were just too tired.

We arrived home and hubby said he'd go in the house and turn on the heater so it could warm up for the munchkin. As he enters the garage all I hear is him yell the 'f' word. I knew immediately something wasn't right and I hopped out of the car and my neighbors ran over. We had been broken into.

Granted, they only broke into our garage and could have VERY EASILY gotten into our home, but it still felt like a total violation. They stole hubby's $6,000 dirtbike and broke down the side door to get to it.

It felt like a TOTAL violation and felt pretty creepy because I am sure the guy that did it had been watching us and knew we had left out of town on vacation. They had arrested the guy the very next day (while we were in Tahoe) and had the dirtbike in the impound yard. $350 later...we have it back home - and in good condition (which is another blessing!).

I started thinking of all the different possibilities of how this could have happened. I figured maybe I blogged about it and people knew. I figured perhaps my facebook gave it away we were gone, and thus an open target for the holiday weekend. Come to find out, the guy that was arrested doesn't know us nor do we know him.

So I have decided NOT to go private right now. I will make sure to not announce when I am on vacation until AFTER the fact now and I will probably be more careful on what I put out there for the entire world to read!

So that is why I was thinking of doing that. I am still shocked we were violated like that. I think about what would have happened if hubby was on shift and I was home alone with the munchkin. It scares me. We live in a REALLY good neighborhood and most of our neighbors were shocked it happened too. Guess it only takes one person to make a "totally safe neighborhood" not as safe anymore.

So that's why. I will keep it open for the world to see now...just will be a lot more careful on what I share! :)


Tonya said...

OH NO! Sorry to hear about your traumatic experience!

I try to be careful in as many regards as I can, but I know that sometimes little info can slip through the cracks. As a matter of fact, I went through my blog not too long ago, making sure that my last name isn't mentioned and that none of my pictures revealed where we live.

You can never be too careful! I am glad that this happened when you weren't home though. (if it had to happen). ((((hugs))))

Kimmy said...

I'm glad things turned out okay. I'm just glad you guys weren't home when it happened and the guy got arrested.

I agree, it does feel like a violation! When I was young our house was broken into. Also, as you read a while ago that our mailbox was broken into which the person could have gotten a lot of our personal information. That same day, Paul called ADT and made an appointment to have an alarm put in. With the economy, things are gonna get worse and it's better to act now before something does happen.

I agree with you though. Share the "out-of-town" stuff after you get back!

jenn said...

That is scary. My brother's motorcycle was stolen right before Christmas. He lives in an apartment, so it wasn't in a garage or anything.

That's good that they caught the guy so quickly. My brother never got his bike back. (I don't understand why you should have to pay to get the bike out of the impound yard though. You didn't do anything to send it there.)

{Katie Lane} said...

That is always a scary situation. One time our house was broken into and I wouldn't go inside until the cops came and throughly checked that no one was still inside. Glad things are okay now.

Jo-Jo said...

Oh Hon! I am so sorry that happened to you! Thank God you were blessed with some miracles though!

alison said...

oh my goodness... HUGS! i totally feel for you - i know exactly how disgustingly icky a violation like that makes you feel.

jori-o said...

Blech! That is NO fun!!! I'm glad they caught the guy!!

Young Momma said...

I'm so happy for you! It's scary but I'm glad you guys were not home. Did you consider getting an alarm system?

Wendy said...

BOOO!!! Sorry to hear someone broke into your garage! That's no fun! But I am glad you aren't going private! :o)

The Wife O Riley said...

I am so sorry to hear that! At least they got the guy!

Our car was stolen a couple of years ago when we were in Minnesota. We had to take Amtrak home. I can't believe how violated I felt and that was only a car.

MommaKiss said...

BITES. Big time. I'm glad you're not going private, yet, and that you got the cycle back - but still, that is scary.

Serenity said...

I am behind on blogs and I am really sorry that that happen to you guys! That sucks! I can't believe someone did that to yuo, at least you got the bike back. As for the snow, I don't miss the pass at all! I am happier living in the snow than dealing iwth the traffic to I didn't even know you went away but it looks like it was a nice getaway

Minxy Mimi said...

I am sorry you were robbed. I am so glad you all are ok.

prairiedog said...

Denise,what a terrible experience.We have had two vehicles stolen so I can relate to the feelings of being violated.I live in a small city,my sons both live in a large city.They have had their houses broken into,vehicles vandalized and broken into and vehicles stolen,unfortunately,it seems to be happening everywhere.Thanks to you,I will remember to be careful on my blog.I have just started,hardly any posts but in the future,I'll keep this in mind.I know I would have thought the same thing as you did.