Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Wonder Wednesday...

Just some thoughts I have been wondering about...

1. I wonder if I will EVER 'get' math. Ever.

2. I wonder why the munchkin finds great joy in throwing her books and toys all over the place...VERY spastically?

3. I wonder why people that have sat on their divorce for about 4 years (or even longer) all of a sudden have a MAJOR urgency to get it finished?

4. I wonder why some people read my blog every day - especially people who no longer want me in their life. If they don't want me in their life - why read up on my life? Makes no sense. I also wonder if they realize I can see they visit this blog.

5. I wonder what hubby has planned for Valentine's Day. We will be out of town but he is being VERY secretive on what we will be doing that day.

6. I wonder why people don't always try their best to control their unruly children in places where they SHOULD be controlled?

7. I wonder if I could ever live on the east coast with their crazy -20 below weather?

8. I wonder how much longer our country is going to be in this economic state.

9. I wonder how that lady that just gave birth to 8 babies is going to take care of them and do it sanely?? Sometimes I find it hard just taking care of one!!!

10. I wonder if anyone else wonders things on this Wednesday and if so - if they will blog about it??


Kimmy said...

This is great!!

Here's one for ya...
I wonder is anger management would work for me. I seriously wonder! Cause I seriously need it RIGHT NOW!!

I'm thankful for you too! ;O)

Kristen said...

Great post!
You should jion tardevil on Wed...I know she'd love to have you. I think this is her 3rd week doing I wonder Wednesday.

I LOVE math...that's what my BA is in.
So if you do movie over here (East coast) I'll be glad to help you :-)
Also if you movie to my area you won't ever have -20

Minxy Mimi said...

I also wonder if I could manage in -20 degree waether!!! OMG
I am one of those people who may read a blog about people I no longer speak to. I think its curiosity.

Serenity said...

This was a great post... I loved it! And as the weather well once you hit below 0 it all feels the same (really and after being below 0 for a while 30 degrees feels My kids have played outside with it -7 not including wind chill :)

jenn said...

I think sometimes people that no longer speak to you still want to be nosey. I'll bet that's why they visit.

I'm horrible at math too. I did good to make it through with decent grades, but I'll never get it.

Young Momma said...

OMG! I am cracking up over here!!! Number 4 was good. ;)

Also, that lady that just had 8 kids - you know she has six more at home?? And that she's a single mom?? Oh yeah... crazy chick. That's all I gotta say.

Oh and I will not ever "get" math. So we're in the same boat on that one. :) I like this post.

Jo-Jo said...

When you fgure out why she throws toys and books would you let me know? Mine do it to and I can't figure out for the life of me why!

MommaKiss said...

Girlfriend, I wonder on many days - not just Wednesdays!

Spastic book tossing - must be a kid trait.

The lady w/ the litter of kids? She's clearly not right in the head. I wish her well.

I'm in the Beantown area, it hit like 50ish today! Whee! But yes, the frikkin cold is hard to handle. But you learn to deal :p

Susan said...

Great post Denise! Hang in there with the math....even though you probably won't use any of the higher math that they are forcing you to take. I remember when...and I don't use any of it. Basic math and calculator that's it now. :)

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

I wonder about a lot of the same things... yes, i blog about them... it's cathartic for me.

By the way... in college... I had to take 5 bonehead Math classes to get to the ONE that let me graduate!!!

Bre said...

How can i see who visits my blog!?? That would be awesome, i have stalkers too. . .