Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Busy last few days...

We have been busy the last few days battling with heat, being with family and friends, and creating memories!

I am proud to say that our little munchkin FINALLY cut one of the three teeth she has coming in! She now has her first upper tooth! YAY for her (and yay for us)! She has two more coming in and if I were to bet money, I would bet they will be in tomorrow!

At any rate...we had a great 4th of July! The day started by taking our teething, cranky sparkler to visit daddy at the firehouse (in the 5 years Erik and I have been together he has worked EVERY 4th of July). It was a nice visit and she even got a nap on daddy's lap while there! :)

After the firehouse we made our way downtown to watch the stupidest parade on this planet annual 4th of July parade. All I can say is...well...it was a HUGE disappointment. The parade started with the fire engine. I was holding Emily and telling her to wave. She was waving and excited and I thought how fun this was going to be for her. Following the engine was a girl on the back of a car with a tiara. I am not sure who she was or why she had the tiara on but that's ok. She was followed by some cracked out people on bikes with very scary clown masks on. Why they chose scary masks for a parade is beyond me, but whatever. They were having fun. The scary clowns were followed by a dance group and then some people holding an American flag. We all waited for the next person/animal/vehicle/float/anything and realized after 5 minutes of waiting that it was over. It sucked. I am not afraid to say it. It ROYALLY sucked. It started at 1pm, was over at 105!!! At any rate, I did manage to snap a picture of Emily waiting for the parade to start. It's not a great picture but nevertheless, it was her first...um...I am not sure I can even call it a parade!

After all the downtown festivities we made our way home to BBQ with family and friends. As it became time to watch the fireworks, we bundled up and walked down the street. Our little sparkler was anything but sparkly. She was now tired, cranky, and full-on teething. We sat and got comfortable and waited for it to start...

BOOM!!!! SCREAM!!!!!!!! Walk back home.

Poor thing was freaked out by the sound (which was amazing since she did so well with skeet shooting when we were at our friend's house). I think her three teeth didn't help matters. We walked back and on the way I would stop to see if she was better with the noise. She only calmed down once we were in front of our neighbor's house. I guess we could have just stayed home to watch! LOL!

Yesterday we made our way out of the over 100-degree weather and headed out to Bodega Bay! It was my first time, Erik's first time, and Emily's first time there! It was SO beautiful, SO relaxing and just a great time! It's been a fun few days!!!


Darcie said...

That sounds like a lot of fun - Bodega Bay that is. I love the ocean.

Sorry about your sucky parade!! Our parade was a lot of fun, even though there were some protestors there that I wanted to pick a fight with. Beth couldn't have cared less about the parade but Robby dug it! He was waving at everyone!

Serenity said...

I am so jealous you got to go to Bodega Bay (only my most favorite beach place in the world)!!
I bet the weather is just great there ..it looks like it was a beautiful day and you had fun!


Anonymous said...

I am so bummed I couldn't go with you guys. Next time!!

LMAO at the parade! Seriously - that is all they could come up with? Freaky clowns on bikes & a tiara girl? hahahahaha!!!

Can't wait to see the teefers! :) We are in teething hades over here too. Loving me some Children's Tylenol!

Michael S. Copeland said...

Awesome! Our 4th of July parade was about 2 hours long... Lots of political groups, a few bands... Was fun!

Bodega Bay? Watch out for "The Birds"!!!

I miss the beach :(

alison said...

i love the pic of you & her on the beach!

Alia said...

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