Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cruisin' In Jail

So today has been a very busy day with the munchkin. No, we didn't actually go anywhere, it was busy at home! I am thinking we were jinxed when a friend mentioned she couldn't believe we didn't have baby gates up! I explained that our baby didn't need them. Sure...she'll crawl over to the tv and we pull her away and tell her no...but that isn't that big of a deal because she's usually distracted by other things.


The past few days Emily has been drawn to the tv like a moth to a flame. She crawls as fast as lightning over to it (probably because she knows we'll be right behind her to take her away) and stops, looks at us, hears us say "No" and then touches it with one hand. We say no again. She looks and then touches it again. We say "no" again, she looks, and now thinks it is the perfect opportunity to pull herself up. Wrong. I think we have told her "no" about a gazillion times and it has finally sunk in! Today she would turbo-crawl over to it and say "nnnnnnnooooo" as she reached for it. I think I moved her about 39582967429674093670468049865 times and told her no just as many. I had enough.

Time for baby jail.

I must say it has worked like a charm *thus far*. I am praying it continues to work! After I put it up, our speedster started crawling over there and then stopped. Looked kind of confused and then sighed and went over to her toys! WOO HOO! Now I am just praying she doesn't go and pull on it! The other thing I have had to deal with all day is her cruisin' around the tables. I think she has walked the perimiter of our coffee table about 3295872035852 times today. I am SO not ready for her to be walking yet so cruisin' is okay for the time being! If you are bored and have a few minutes, here is a ridicuously-boring-video-with-my-annoying vexatious-voice-but-not-a-boring-video-for-mommy for you to watch of her crusin' abilities!

So that was our day. Our little pumpkin will be entering the Diaper Derby at the Napa Fair on August 9th at 1pm! If any of you would like to go - we'd LOVE to have you there! I think it will be a lot of fun and with her mad crawling skills...I think she'll smoke the competition! :)

And while I am waiting for the video to upload (it's taking FOREVER), I will do a word of the day to help get me to at least the junior high level...

vex·a·tious [vek-sey-shuhs] adjective

1. causing vexation; troublesome; annoying.

Waiting for this video to upload is causing an extreme vexatious situation!


Darcie said...

Aww! I don't think the video's boring at all! I love watching babies. I get the biggest kick out of watching Robby just pull up on stuff now. All day. Never gets boring!

Ashley said...

She is way too cute!! I love the "nana". I can't wait to get Eli home so we can get started with all of the fun with him!! Thanks for the video! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Ok - LMAO about the baby gates. I promise I won't jinx you anymore! I can't belive she said "nana". And she cruises SO well. Can't say I'm jealous though - mines still on all fours! HAHAHA! ;)

Loved the video too - no Mom will think that's boring! :)

alison said...

"nana?!" love it!