Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Shopping

Had a nice day today...errr...let me rephrase that...a much needed nice day today! I went out to visit my grandma this morning. She didn't even realize I was there because she was sleeping. She woke up 10 minutes before I had to leave so I was able to at least get a hug and a kiss.

After visiting I headed home to pick up my sister-in-law and my friend Val with her daughter Kaylee to head up to Sacramento to do some retail therapy! Now I am not one that likes to shop. Especially for myself. I don't even like to spend money - probably because I never have any. But if I am driving up to Sacramento to go shopping, I am not coming home empty handed. Of course, it's easier to buy things when it isn't for me - but for Emily instead. We went to Goore's which is a baby store up there. Val and I were emailed to let us they were having a clearance sale. We thought we shouldn't miss it - so off we went in hopes to find some really good deals.


The only clearance items they had were clothes. The "clearance" price for cute clothes ranged from $18 to $40. I think Val may have found something cheaper. I found a really cute outfit for Emily...but it was 50% off which meant $40. No thanks.

I did end up buying her some baby legs because I love super puffy heart baby legs. They have little pirates on them. I also bought a very unnecessary blanket for us when we go to the park or the beach or whatever. It folds up really compact which is nice. I also bought some ribbon thing - which kind of reminds me of the ones the gymnasts this:

Emily loves it. Amy and I got a kick out of it too when I tried to do the above leap with the ribbon. Not pretty....but stomach hurting funny.

After Goore's we headed to lunch at the Sacramento Brewery. Lunch was soooooo good! Emily wanted NOTHING to do with the avacado I tried feeding her. She, of course, realized it wasn't pureed and hated it. I then tried to give her water through a straw and she wasn't havin' it either. This girl drinks water every single day (yes...I know there are some people who will call me a bad mom for giving my daughter water every day) but usually from a sippy cup. Since this WASN'T from a sippy cup, she didn't know what to think...but I think the face says it all:

After lunch we headed home, dropped Val and Kaylee off and then came home to feed, bathe, and put the munchkin to bed.

It's now about 9pm and I just got a phone call from my husband to tell me he was going out on a strike team tomorrow morning. They almost sent them tonight but it will be tomorrow morning instead. He is going to the fire in Yosemite. The fire has burned 19,000 acres since Friday and has claimed 8 homes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep him in your prayers! I hate when he has to go and I can't help but worry. I know he's trained and he'll be safe but when you hear of two LODDs (line of duty death) in the past few's scary! So any extra prayers would be awesome!

At any rate...time to hit the hay! I have another full day ahead of me tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Oh No! Strike Team? I am so sorry! No break for you!!!!

If you need a break on Tuesday head on up. We are doing the free movie at 10am, then back to my house for some play, maybe pool, and AC!

I will have my 7 y/o nephew & my gf & her 5 y/o are coming over, so you should join us too!

Hope this is a short strike team & Erik returns home safe & sound soon.

Mommy on the Edge said...

It goes without saying, but I'll be thinking of him! My husband and I are one of those annoyingly patriotic people who think that military, fireman, policeman, etc. are just about the most admirable people on earth and we're really grateful for all they do and all the sacrifices their families make. So in short, thank you! And if you want to hang out or something while he's gone, let me know and we'll try to work something out!

Wendy said...

All of these Cali fires are just so frightening and sad. It really breaks my heart when I see the LODD's. It's a tragedy and definitely strikes fear in a spouses heart! Praying for you!

Kimmy said...

I will for sure keep the FF in my prayers! They all do such a wonderful job keeping us all safe!!

Sounds like you had a fun day though! I sure could use some retail therapy!! LOL I love to shop but like you, not for myself unless of course it's for the house :O)
BTW...this is addicting! :O)