Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Mom Always Told Me To Watch My Mouth!

Today Emily and I made our way to Antioch (35-40 minutes from home) to visit my grandmother again. We met with hospice again today. The hospice nurse thought it may be a week or two tops. I think it will be sooner.

At any rate, I am thankful for the hug and kiss I got and the fact I was able to be there today while she slept. :) I was thankful Emily was great again today and am thankful I was able to spend time with my cousin from Oregon whose birthday happens to be today.

Once Emily and I left we had to head to the grocery store to return our free before accruing $3 in late fees DVD and pick up a few things. When we got there I put her in the Ergo since it was going to be a quick trip. She was NOT havin' it. So I thought...okay...we'll grab a cart, I don't need the shopping cart cover because it will be such a quick trip. It's always hard to juggle her and the cover and plus the carts were super far away. So I put her in the shopping cart and went to strap her in only to realize all of the carts had ridiculously short restraints. RAR. Back to the car we go to get the shopping cart protector and then into the store.

As we are shopping my phone is ringing off the hook and people are in my way, or trying to talk to me while I am on the phone or whatever. I hate shopping and talking but it was family and the calls needed to be answered. So I finished shopping and unloaded the stuff from the cart, put it in the car, strapped Emily in (but not without her getting tangled in the shopping cart protector and then trying to eat her restraints like she does every single time I put her in her car seat) and jumped in the car. When I got in, out of frustration I said the f word.

Then...in the sweetest voice ever...I hear my daughter mimick me. :|

Oops! BIG oops!

Now I know she has mimicked both Erik and I a lot and I guess I just didn't think she'd pick this up too. Granted, she does say "duck" so to hear the "f" in front of it is no surprise. Now this will be her LAST time she ever hears it out of my mouth so hopefully she will never say it again.

Erik is doing structure protection today in a VERY contained area. He is not too happy about the lack of fire around him...but I sure am! He is doing 24 on today and then will figure out if he is off for 24 tomorrow or if they will pick up another assignment.

This morning I was watching the news and they showed his strike team! It was pretty cool! It was only the engines but it was neat to "see" him so-to-speak.

At any rate, I have a clingy/fussy/sleepy/hungry baby on my lap so I must go!

'Til tomorrow! :)


Mommy on the Edge said...

How's this for copycat syndrome?

Sunday night, we were hanging out and Beth starts jumping up and down on the couch. She starts with "Na na na na naaaa naa!" as she's jumping. Then, out of the clear blue, she tacks on "FUCKER!" to the end of it!!!!!!!

I was at once appalled and amused. We couldn't stop ourselves from laughing! Thankfully the song hasn't made a reprisal but damn...I've really got to watch my mouth!

Kimmy said...

That is so funny!! Sabrina has actually mimicked Paul and I with SHIT when she was a little younger. Like you, it was amusing and Paul and I looked at each other trying not to laugh. We told her not to say that cause it's a bad word and fortunatley, she hasn't said any other bad words since.
I'm glad to hear Eric and the rest of the FF's are ok. Continuing the prayers.

(BTW...how the heck do you strickout some words??? I can't seem to figure it out. I know how in other programs, just not here.)

Kimmy said...

I was watching the morning news two and saw a couple engines driving past the reporter. It was on Mornings on Two, was that the channel you were watching? Was that Eric's crew??!! I noticed your last blog with a link to KTVU so I thought it was the same channel you were referring to.

alison said...

I think you need to do it just ONE more time.... to get it on video. ;)