Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

This morning I woke up being very thankful for so many things in my life. It's been tough the last few days, but today...I feel so much better!

First, I want to tell you all I am so thankful for my husband. He is an excellent provider for our family. He works so hard and although sometimes being a firefighter's wife is EXTREMELY hard, I wouldn't change it for the world. It's hard when he's not here for holidays and when he's gone three days a week. It's scary knowing when he leaves for his 48 hours shift (which has been 72 hours lately) and when he drives out of our driveway, there is always the possibility that that will be the last time I see him. I miss him tremendously when he's not here and there are times I wish he was here to help with Emily every single day. However, I know he needs to work and I am so very thankful he does and I couldn't be more blessed with such a great husband. I am also thankful he is trying to quit smoking. Although I know it's SO hard on him (and me!), I am proud of him for doing it! Sure, there are many many many times I just want to kill him, but I couldn't be happier that he is doing it!

I am also so thankful for my friend Val. I have been going through some questioning mommy moments lately and she totally lifted my spirits yesterday. She reminds me that although I feed my daughter rat poison formula, use disposable diapers, want to pull my hair out out of frustration, don't feed my daughter cake, have a daughter who isn't into finger foods yet, have a daughter who still takes a pacifier, have a drink while she's awake sometimes, want to kill my husband sometimes, don't have a spotless house, feel lazy and don't even clean up sometimes, don't LOVE cooking, can be addicted to the internet and silly tv programs, have online friends I have never met in person, plan for her first birthday already, let my baby get hurt (not on accident), allow my baby to play independently of me, get annoyed with unwarranted advice/comments from others, and not know what the hell heck I am doing sometimes that I am actually NORMAL for all this! :) Go figure! :) It's SO nice for Emily to have a friend her same age and for me to have a friend who understands! :) Val...thank you so much for yesterday - I didn't realize how badly I needed it! :)

I am so thankful for other moms, most of whom I have never even met in person, who have reminded me I am not alone in how I have been feeling lately! They have reminded me and have shared stories with me of how they too have felt exactly the way I have! I love the fact I have online mommy friends who just get what I go through - sometimes moreso than "in-person" friends! :) Thank you online mommy friends...hopefully you know who you are! :)

I am also thankful that Emily is eating Stage 3 and doesn't quite know it *yet*. She had chunks today but it didn't even phase her! Not sure how it will go with foods other than sweet potatoes...but this was a first step! (excuse the video - it's from my cell!)

I am lastly thankful for (well not lastly, but lastly for today) the fact my grandma is still here with us. My grandma has started chemo and *so far* it has been okay on her. It has caused a lot of nausea but *so far* that's all. Chemo is so hard on the body and usually has horrible side effects. Although she's doing a kind of chemo that is suppose to be easier on patients, it is NEVER an easy thing to go through. I know there are days she just wants to give up, and honestly, I think a lot of us would feel that way, but she keeps on matter how hard it is on her. I love her more than she'll ever know and am so grateful she is my grandma! :) This picture was taken in 2005.


Anonymous said...

Okay - you totally made me cry! I am glad yesterday helped - honestly, it helps me too, hearing that you are dealing with the same things. You know what "they" say, 'misery loves company'! But we can tell "they" to keep their dang opinions to themselves!! LOL

I always enjoy hanging out with you guys. I am also thankful that Kaylee and I have friends in you...

I LOVE the 'i love my computer' picture! That had me LMAO!!

And the video of Emily is absolutely adorable. Ugh - I just want to kiss her squishy cheeks! (not squishy banana!)

Darcie said...

Aww! That's a really nice post. I should be thankful for my friends too, both in my computer and IRL...but my IRL friends are mostly 3000 miles away!! I am thankful for my computer friends, though, the few I have.

I hope my advice/commiseration has helped some!

Anonymous said...

Yep.. Totally normal feelings with a new baby... Wait! My son is 2 years olf and I still feel like that. ROTFLOL!! :) Great post... glad we've met through MBC... I'm loving your blog. :)


alison said...

i adore that video... her blank look at you then just an 'mm!' to get you to shut up and feed her more!