Monday, July 14, 2008

Cake Makes Me Happy!

So as I mentioned before, I am planning Emily's first birthday! With her first birthday, inevitably comes the ever-so-anticipated bite of her very own birthday cake! I can't wait for this cake to be splattered through her hair, all over her face, and just about everywhere! I know it may not happen that way...but I hope she goes crazy with it!

As some of you may (or may not) know, Emily has MSPI. MSPI is a milk and soy protein intolerance. When she was new to us we didn't know what was wrong. We were told it was colic and it would go away. She screamed so much and I just knew that scream wasn't because she was colicky. I was assured over and over that is exactly the reason she was crying. Her crying then turned into bloody diapers. Once again they assured it's colic with some fissures. Wrong. I was just NOT taking that for an answer and FINALLY after a lot of tears and frustration, we found someone to listen! He literally was a God-send. He was not a pediatrician but was the only one available to see Emily on a weekend. He then got us in touch with her pediatrician she has now. I felt I was the one that had to educate the doctors on her condition. I am still not sure if her doctor is 100% up-to-date on this issue, but I know she speaks to a GI doc when she (or we) have questions that she doesn't know the answer to.

So fast forward to today. Emily is just thriving now! We couldn't be happier. I had to stop breastfeeding when she was 3 months and she was put on rat poison formula. It is a special formula called "Neocate" that is prescription for us. I thank God it's prescription because it is outrageously expensive.

At any rate...I am getting off track as to what this post is about...

After a lot of searching...I found TWO different recipes that we can use to make her her very first birthday cake! YAY! They are completely soy and dairy free and honestly, they look yummy! I haven't decided if I will make hers special or if I will make the cake for everyone. I was just going to have hers be special but after reading the sounds soooo good! So we'll see! :)

So that was my happiness for today! I found the recipes and planning is going as...well...planned!! :)

By the way...last night...I had a GREAT dinner with my husband! We went to this restaurant called the Dead Fish. It has a great view of the Bay and AWESOME food! We were able to sit outside and take in the view. It was a breathtaking view last night and we even got our own private table in the curtain area (you are in your own little "room" so-to-speak...separated by curtains all around you and facing the amazing view!). Here is a pic from their website. It does not do our view justice. We were able to see far out into the water and watch the sun set! :)

At any rate, it was a much needed "date" night for us! I was just so sad when he had to leave this morning for 3 days! :(


Darcie said...

That reminds me of the night in 2004 when Rob and I went to dinner at Horatio's in San Leandro on the marina. GREAT view of the bay!

Denise said...

OMG! Horatios is my FAVORITE restaurant! Their prime rib is to die for!!!! :)

Darcie said...

Haven't been there since then though. :-(

We've been on three dates since Beth was born...that averages once a year!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the Dead Fish! We went there for our anniversary a few years ago & got the shared crab plate. Yummy.

I totally forgot to tell you I have a recipe for MSPI banana cake. It is fantastic. I will have to get it to you just to make!!! It's, um, fairly healthy! :)

Ann said...

I gotta tell ya'... the name of the restaurant made me wrinkle my nose a bit. However, your description and pictures turned me around.
What a beautiful night!

Kimmy said...

You are now the second person to mention this place in the last month. I had never heard of it until now. It looks like it has a beautiful view! I'll have to try it sometime!