Saturday, August 21, 2010

Growing So Fast!

Today we took our toddler to go see a Preschool.  It's a brand new one opening up here in town.  It was kind of surreal watching her play with the toys and go down the slide.  I loved watching her but I also felt a sense of sadness.  My baby is growing up! 

I know they will grow up and before I know it - they will be my age with kids of their own.  But that doesn't mean I have to like it! 

I'm SO excited for her to enter this new phase of her life but with that comes a sense of loss.  I am losing the little girl that needed me for everything and that is now replaced by the "I want to do it all by myself" girl.  I am losing the one that liked to cuddle and she is being replaced by the one that doesn't. 

BUT I am gaining the girl that is growing up and learning new things and becoming the person she was meant to be.  I am gaining the girl that has the whole world in front of her and she's starting to discover it. 

It's a bitter/sweet day.  If I'm emotional today...I can't imagine how emotional I will be on her first day of preschool...kindergarten or high school. 

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