Monday, August 16, 2010

The Pressure! The Pressure!

So I about panicked when I read my email from MamaKat this morning and saw that she picked one of MY writing prompts for her assignment this week. Not only has this blog been neglected but just needs an overhaul. No sleep and two kids makes it hard to get here but I need to do some blogging so here I go! :)

We've been one busy family! This past weekend was an amazing one! I was so fortunate to meet up with some amazing mommy-friends and share some good quality time with their amazing selves and their precious precious children.

The munchkin had a BLAST with all her friends and is still talking about it!

After the playdate we made or way up to the fair. The hubby was working at the Firefighter Corn Booth and I was blessed to spend some time with our friends and their adorable son. Emily was super tired and looked like she wasn't having any fun but she still is talking about the fair too!

I have so many more pictures from days passed to upload. I'm just exhausted today. I also have maybe a few thought-provoking posts to add as well...when my mind can actually function correctly. So here's hoping for good blogging the next few days! sure to keep checking MamaKat's blog to see when she posts her writing prompts. I highly recommend trying the first prompt once they are posted! :)

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mbo said...

Love the photos. One day I hope to be included in that group shot!!