Monday, June 23, 2008

Bruises, Blisters, Baby Proofing

So yesterday was a long but nice day. Emily and I went out to Antioch to visit my mom and grandma. My poor grandma didn't look good at all. She was VERY pale and so weak. I guess that's what happens when you lose blood. She really didn't look good at all and I wish she could go in to get her blood checked! :( She is now on oxygen, which she hates.

After breakfast my mom took my grandma home and Emily and I hung out at my mom's house. Emily just LOVES Mali (my mom's dog). Mali likes Emily but now that she crawls...I am not so sure! LOL! Poor Mali is such a good dog - she just let's Emily love all over her. By love I mean poke, pull, hit, whatever. Mali is pretty good and when she gets tired of it she gets up on the couch.

So Emily is all about trying to pull herself up on coffee tables. She also likes to try and eat them. So sure enough, she is at Grandma Reen's, trying to pull herself up and eat the coffee table and boom...she got hurt. Poor thing only cried for about 30 seconds. I thought she hurt her mouth...but was her eye. :( I was so sure she'd have a black eye but it went away and she's fine today! Here are some pictures. You can't see it too well because the sun was shining on her when I took it but you get the point. It's on her left side, our right side when looking at it. But like I said, she woke up and there is no bruise! YAY! *\o/* <~~cheerleader

So after that happened I was "walking" with Emily. She can now "walk" around with us holding her hands. As I am doing this I look down and her poor toes have what appear to be blisters on them! :( I was shocked. So I pick her up to look and sure enough...she has blisters. It looked like one on every toe but it's just her two big toes. I now know to keep socks on her while she is being a crawling maniac. When I got home I cleaned her feet and put some neosporin on them and one appears much smaller today and the other one looks better too! YAY for healing skin! *\o/*

So today we will head to Babies R Us to get baby proofing stuff. It's much needed now. We haven't decided if we'll just put away the coffee table for now or what we'll do. I guess we'll figure it out once we get to the store!

There is a still a huge wildland fire burning in Napa. It's burned 4000 acres thus far and as of this post is 35% contained. The smoke is thick here today. It smells like a campfire! My nose is burning and so is my throat a bit. I guess that's because I slept with the window open all night! Erik is NOT at the fire. It's kinda strange how Napa City didn't send ANY engines out to something so close! It's considered a county fire so that is why. But with 4000'd think they would need help! Oh well! He's safe and that's all I care about! :)

The above picture was taken by Erik in the engine.

Well the munchkin is down for a nap and I need to get in the shower! Hope you all have a nice day!

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Anonymous said...

Yay for black eyes!!! Kaylee has a big ole bruise on her forehead from a coffee table! LOL - I swear our girls are twins! :)

Wow - that's the first pic I have seen of the fire - pretty impressive!